Child To Child

When we started Mother to Mother in 2011 we knew we were immediately making a difference and we knew our customers felt amazing by being able to share the joy they have when they hold their baby close. There's no stronger feeling than the bond between parent and child and to know a sling being donated to a mother living in desperate conditions will make her and her baby feel safe and loved is priceless.

We wanted to take that feeling further : we know that as a child grows in certain countries they face even bigger challenges and through no fault of their own can end up in shocking circumstances.

When we started talking about adding new items to the Rockin’ Baby assortment we thought first and foremost about what we could match it with to donate – making sure what we sold would be helpful to children and babies around the world. What better than clothes to keep them warm and comfortable. It’s not much to ask is it? Not to be naked or run around in rags?

So for every item of clothing we sell we will manufacture an identical quantity of clothes to donate around the world. Each season we will calculate how many orders we have and offer the exact same quantity to the charities we work with and they will tell us what they need.

The collection we will give away is our hero collection and had a fun, unisex, bright orange and red striped design. The quality is just as good as the clothes we sell – in fact it’s so good and so adorable we have decided to also sell it to retailers who want to stock it.

So if our charities tell us they need just dresses or leggings in age 2-3 and 3-4 then that’s what we’ll make them.

As with our slings and pouches we work with a number of charities around the world. To find out more about who we are helping, choose a country here: West Africa, China