Giving in Kenya

Kenyan Women with their Children

In 2013 we were approached by the charity Vessels of Mercy who are working in several under served and under resourced countries around the world from Pakistan to Honduras.


They are particularly wanting to help and offer support to families living in poverty stricken areas and asked if we would be interested in helping them in Southern Kenya.


With their help we are giving in very rural areas to two Masai tribes that have nothing other than the clothes on their backs and currently tie their babies to themselves using old rags and t-shirts.

Smiling Kenyan Woman with Child


Being nomadic tribes, babies are carried all the time and families are expert baby carriers in this part of the world but the concern was that babies were unsafely tied to their mothers and the fabrics they were using were old and worn which could rip and become dangerous.


Vessels of Mercy saw a need for something more for the women to use. Something safe and of a quality that would last.



We immediately jumped at the chance of being able to help and continue to regularly donate slings to this beautiful part of the world.

See the first Kenyan sling drop HERE!