Our Quality Standards

During pregnancy and as a parent, it’s vital that you can get information that you can trust and rely on.

Because Rockinbaby is created by parents and for parents, we take quality standards extremely seriously.

Here’s a little more information about the high standards we set ourselves.

Expert Authors

Our articles are written by people who have experience, expertise and first-hand knowledge in everything they publish.

We use our deep knowledge and real-world experience to ensure that every article you read on Rockinbaby is accurate and can be trusted, and therefore meets our own strict editorial standards.

We also use guest authors and interview subject-matter experts including nurses, midwives, doctors, nutritionists, lactation experts and teachers, so we can gather trust-worthy information and answers on topics we are not 100% familiar with.

We believe our duty is to make sure that each piece of content on this website is accurate, responsible, easy to understand, helpful and up-to-date before it is published.

All Facts Are Checked

We take integrity and factual correctness extremely seriously, which is why we only publish information that has been thoroughly fact-checked.

We fully check and review all statements, claims, and recommendations, to ensure everything that you read on this site is as accurate as possible.

We only use and reference highly reputable and up-to-date sources in our articles, because this practice helps us ensure that each piece of content on our site is accurate, responsible, easy to understand, helpful, relevant and trustworthy before it is published.

References & Sources

We fact-check statements, claims, suggestions and tips by sourcing, quoting, and citing the most current primary references, whether this be expert interviews, government organizations, or professionals such as doctors, pediatricians, OB-GYNs, child psychologists, healthcare workers, nutritionists, teachers, sleep experts and other medical and childcare professionals, as well as academic institutions and scientific studies.

To ensure full transparency and provide you with reliable information, you will see that multiple sources and references are listed within our articles.

Latest Information

In the world of pregnancy, childcare and parenting, it’s only natural that things change over time, and therefore so does information, advice, recommendations and best practices.

We frequently go back over and evaluate our existing articles and posts, to make sure that all content is up to date and reflective of the most current and accurate information.

When necessary, content is rechecked, re-worked and re-edited accordingly.

We Welcome Your Feedback

If you have a any comments or suggestions on how we can improve, please feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page.

We love hearing from our readers in the hope we can provide you with an even better resource!