Moving into emerging markets to become a globally recognized brand, Rockin' Baby sells baby slings and children's clothing. We offer much more, through our one-for-one, mother-to-mother program. We offer our customers a high quality product and the opportunity to help a mother in need. Our Mantra says it all - "You buy. We give."

Our Partnership
With ChildFund

ChildFund works with us in our child-to-child, mother-to-mother program to provide clothing and slings to children living in poverty worldwide.

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How to use
a sling

Some of you might be a first time user and nervous about carrying your baby – don’t be! Baby carrying dates back to cave dwelling times when a man or woman would use an animal skin or piece of fabric to ensure their baby was close to them at all times.

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Baby carrying goes back to the time of the cavemen, and has been practiced by men and women ever since. Our bold patterns and vibrant colors make any dad look cool when carrying their baby in one of our slings.

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