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10 Best Snacks To Pack For Labor

If you are about to give birth, you will probably know that labor can take anything from 4-24 hours, and during that time your body is going to do a lot of work to say the least!

It’s therefore important to keep your body hydrated and energy levels high to prevent getting exhausted.

Given there’s no way of knowing just how long the labor and delivery stages will take, it’s a smart move to pack some nutritious snacks in your hospital bag.

So let’s take a look at some of the best hospital snacks for labor in more detail.

Snacks For Labor

1. Trail Mix

Trail mix is one of those foods that almost everyone seems to love, which is why it’s also number one in our list of the best high-protein snacks for pregnant women.

A bag of trail mix makes an excellent snack during labor, and it’s something you or your partner can easily make at home and tailor exactly to your liking.

If you are craving chocolate you can break a few pieces of dark chocolate and add it to your mix, along with a mix of nuts and dried fruit.

Trail mix is also a good one for dads to pack in their hospital bag, so if it’s something you and your partner like, be sure to pack a big bag!

2. Fruit

Most fruit travels easily and can last for several days out of the refrigerator, making fruit a great snack for your pregnancy hospital bag.

Apples and bananas, or dried fruit such as dates and raisins, are all easy to eat, and contain naturally occurring sugars, which will give you a good boost of energy during labor.

Fruit Salad In White Ceramic Bowl

3. Yogurt

Yogurt pouches are another easy and convenient food, making them a good, healthy snack for labor.

You can either go for shelf-stable pouches that don’t require refrigeration, or pack a few in a cooler bag which will keep them cool for many hours.

Your hospital should be able to provide you with a spoon, but just in case you may want to pack your own in either yours or your partner’s hospital bag.

4. Muffins

Muffins, savory breads are pastries are an easy-to-pack and easy-to-eat carbohydrate, making them one of the best snacks for labor (and one of the best hospital snacks for dads too).

You may be tempted to go for sweeter versions like donuts, but it’s probably best to avoid these as they will spike your sugar levels and result in an eventual crash which may make you feel even more tired.

5. Sandwich

Another excellent food for labor is a simple sandwich.

Peanut butter and jelly is a good choice as it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and if you can opt for wholemeal or granary for a slower energy release.

Pregnant woman making a sandwich in her kitchen

6. Hard Boiled Egg

If you are looking for a savory snack for labor, then you can’t go wrong with a hard-boiled egg.

Loaded with nutrients, proteins and healthy fats, eggs are one of the most balanced foods out there and therefore a great healthy snack for your hospital bag.

When it comes to packing, it’s best to store your egg(s) in a container so any odors don’t escape into your hospital bag.

7. Granola & Protein Bars

One of the best things about granola, energy and protein bars is that there are a lot of varieties out there, and if you’re handy in the kitchen, you can even make your own.

Most protein bars are safe for pregnant women to consume, although you should note that because they are processed, many bars tend to be very high in sugar and contain other additives.

So try to choose bars that are relatively low in sugar and have few to no additives – as a general rule of thumb, the few the ingredients and the more you recognize the name of these ingredients, the more natural the bar is.

8. Cereal

Cereal is a versatile snack to pack in your hospital bag, because it can be eaten dry or mixed with milk, which should be available to patients in most delivery units.

You can either portion out some small bags, or buy some of those small mini-boxes you can find in larger supermarkets.

9. Ice Lollies

It’s very common for pregnant women to feel hot whatever the temperature, which is why you may have been craving cold water during your pregnancy.

Popsicles and ice lollies are a refreshing way to cool down during labor and delivery, and given the amount of water in these products they are also useful for helping you stay hydrated.

Person Holding Popsicle Ice Lolly

10. Gum or Hard Candy

There’s a good chance your mouth will get dry during labor, which is why it’s definitely worth packing some gum or hard candy.

Another benefit of hard candy is that some people believe it can reduce nausea.

Can You Eat During Labor?

If you are wondering whether you’re allowed to eat or drink during labor you’re not alone.

For many years most health care practices refused to let women drink or eat anything but ice during labor.

Recently however, following advances in medical care and new research, many hospitals are changing their rules.

So if you are healthy with a low-risk pregnant, then you should be allowed to drink clear liquids and eat light food during labor.

You should keep in mind however that doctors recommend you eat lightly, and ideally during early labor rather than during the later stages.

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