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16 Great Push Present Ideas For Dad

Most of us know what a traditional push present is, namely a gift the mother receives to mark the occasion of giving birth.

But what about push presents for dads like us – is this a thing, and is there a male version?

The answer is most certainly yes, a push present for a dad is a real thing, and they make sense if your partner has been emotionally supporting you (and satisfying those food cravings) for the last 9 months!

Now OK, I’ll be the first to admit that mom is doing the heavy lifting right now.

But hopefully your partner is no less invested than you, and if this is his first child his life is about to change just as much as yours as he begins his journey to becoming a good father!

And what better way to mark the occasion than by giving dad a great present, either to give as a gift for a new dad at the hospital, or after you get home with your precious new arrival.

So if you want to go ahead and give your husband or partner a gift, especially if he feels envious of all your baby shower gifts, let’s take a look at some of the best push presents out there for men.

Best of all, this list is written from a male perspective and I’ve tried to cater to various tastes and budgets to make this list as useful as possible for you.

16 Push Present Ideas For Dad

Whether you are on a budget looking for an inexpensive gift, or want something a little more luxurious and extravagant, here are some of the best push present ideas for dads that your partner or husband will surely love.

1. Engraved or Personalized Bracelet

Not all men like to wear jewellery, and that’s fine.

But if your man is fond of a bracelet or even just open to the idea, then having a personalized one with the name of his child or children is a gorgeous and stylish item to add to his look.

I never wore a bracelet before I was gifted one by my wife on Father’s Day (with my daughter’s name and date of birth inscribed), and I can tell you it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

2. Smart Speaker

Using your hands isn’t as easy as it used to be when you have a young child, so what better way to play music, catch up on the news or ask Google a question than with a smart speaker.

3. AirPods

From taking your little one on long walks to entertaining himself during bottle feeds, your husband is sure to appreciate a pair of the latest ear phones.

4. Baby Carrier

Carrying a baby can really take its toll on you or your partner’s body, which is where a good, strong and cool looking baby carrier comes in.

5. Diaper Bag

Most dads don’t want to be seen with a diaper bag that’s clearly been designed and aimed at women, and who can blame them!

Manly diaper bags do exist though, and these can make a great push present for a dad and he’ll probably get several years use out of it – and much more if you have more than one child.

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6. Sporting Tickets

Is your husband a fan of major sports like football, baseball or soccer?

As a sports lover myself, I can almost guarantee that if your man likes his sports, he’s bound to appreciate a day out with one or two of his buddies watching his favorite team.

7. Kindle

A kindle makes a great gift for a new dad at hospital given there may be a lot of waiting around while mom is feeding or when your newborn baby is sleeping, depending on your length of stay.

Reading is also a good way to pass time if you are looking for a quiet activity for when your little one is sleeping – that is assuming you don’t have dozens of other things to do like cleaning, cooking and other household chores!

8. Kindle Reader Subscription

If you do go down the Kindle route, then you might want to also buy a Kindle Unlimited Subscription, giving unlimited reading and listening on any compatible device.

9. Jogging Stroller

Is your husband a runner and dreading the thought of not being able to exercise once your baby is born?

That’s where jogging strollers come in, as they enable you to run while pushing your child – a win-win for everyone!

Keep in mind however that experts recommend waiting until your child is at least 6 months before you use one.

10. Coffee Machine

It sounds cliché but one of the major lifestyle changes that comes from having a baby is reduced sleep, especially during the first few months.

If your partner is a coffee drinker, then he’ll probably crave caffeine more often in search of that much needed energy boost.

From experience I can tell you that I definitely drank more coffee than usual during the first few months after my daughter was born.

With time most definitely not on your side, a good quality coffee machine such as the Nespresso one above will be worth its weight in gold.

11. Matching Outfits

Tstars Dad and Baby Matching Outfits Battery Low Father and Son Daughter Shirts SetPush presents don’t get much cuter than this – matching clothing for baby and dad not only looks adorable, but can be a great option if you’re looking for a gift on the cheaper side.

12. Comfy Sneakers

New Balance Men's 574 Core SneakerYour husband will most likely be on his feet a lot once your baby has been born, so he’ll probably love a pair of cool yet comfy sneakers like these New Balance ones.

13. Back Massager

There’s no denying that carrying around a baby takes its toll on your body, and the same will be true for both mom and dad.

Back and neck massagers are a convenient way to relieve these stresses and strains, and aren’t as expensive as you think.

14. Handwritten Card

Push presents don’t have to be expensive, especially as it’s the thought that counts.

If you and your partner like to give or receive personalized cards, then why not write a card that explains how much you love and appreciate him and what a wonderful father you think he’ll make.

15. Noise Cancelling Headphones

If dad is working from home then he’ll certainly appreciate the ability to block out loud sounds during those times he needs to concentrate or attend an important Teams or Zoom call.

And sneakily just like the Nespresso machine this is another present that you might also want to use from time to time too!

16. Fancy Ear Plugs

Finally, another good (and humorous) push present when you’re on a budget is a pair of fancy earplugs.

As well as for sleeping, he can also use them to focus or to concentrate while working.

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Nick is a passionate dad who co-founded Rockinbaby to share his parenting journey with other new parents. He has a BSc and MBA, and works as a senior marketing professional. In his spare time Nick loves watching sports, staying fit and traveling. Learn more about Nick here.

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