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How To Hide A Pregnancy Bump For 9 Months (10 Practical Tips)

Not every pregnant woman wants to reveal to the world that they are expecting.

Possible reasons for wanting to hide a pregnancy until birth include the fear of miscarriage, workplace discrimination, or perhaps wanting to hide the news until after you get married.

Whatever the reason, revealing that you are pregnant is a personal choice, so let’s take a look at 10 of the best and most effective ways to hide your pregnancy belly for 9 months.

1. Avoid Tight Clothes On Your Top Half

The type of clothes you wear while expecting will play a big part in your success in hiding your pregnant belly or bump, especially on days when your belly looks bigger than others.

The first rule when trying to conceal your bump is to avoid fitted clothes on your top half, because these will only draw attention to your growing belly.

You will want to strike a balance by wearing clothes that look a little big on you, but at the same aren’t baggy or that don’t swamp you.

A great way to practice the art of balancing is to pair a loose top with a fitted pair of pants, jeans or leggings (dark blue or black are great options).

So while you want to avoid anything tight from the waist up, it’s usually a good idea to wear fitted bottoms to streamline your appearance and avoid your overall look appearing too boxy, which might raise suspicions.

2. Flowing Materials

If you don’t own any peplum tops, one of the first things you may want to do is go out any buy some, because they are very effective in hiding pregnancy bumps.

Once again, pairing these types of tops with fitted bottoms is a great idea to ensure your outfit is nicely balanced and stylish, and is also exactly the type of outfit to wear to an ultrasound.

In general, it’s good to remember materials that flow and are a little roomy will help hide your bump, because they will distract the eye rather than drawing attention to your growing belly.

3. Avoid Maternity Clothes

As we’ve seen, you can do a good job in hiding your pregnancy belly with the clothes that you wear.

It’s worth pointing out that maternity wear is actually designed to show off your bump, so you should definitely consider avoiding maternity clothing wherever possible.

If you want to avoid wearing maternity pants, then a great tip is to fasten an elastic band around your button and buttonhole on your jeans or pants, allowing you to wear them as your belly grows.

And if you do decide that you want to wear maternity pants, opt for a pair with an “under bump” which will allow you to tuck in your tops to keep your bump hidden.

Woman in Knitted Sweater and Denim Jeans Sitting on the Floor

4. Try The Front Tuck

One of the best ways to hide your pregnancy belly is with a “front-tuck”.

This technique involves tucking a boxy, button-down shirt into the front of your pants.

If you opt for tops with details on the sleeve, or roll up your sleeves to reveal bold or colorful jewelry people will notice (more on this shortly), this will further draw people’s attention away from your growing bump.

5. Wear Accessories

Large sunglasses, scarves, jewelry and handbags all play their part in helping you conceal your pregnancy.

Pashminas are also useful, because they can be warn in both summer and winter depending on the material they are made from.

When it comes to jewelry, bold and colorful earrings, necklaces and bracelets will all help draw people’s eyes away from your bump.

Large handbags are also very helpful, especially because you can use one to hide your belly if it’s carried in front of you or placed on your lap when seated.

Woman Holding Two-way Handbag

6. Bold Prints

As you’ve probably discovered by now, one of the things you’re trying to do when hiding your bump is take people’s attention and eyes away from your belly.

Vibrant colors and bold prints will help you in this regard, as they will lead people to focus on the details of your clothes and the patterns you are wearing, rather than your growing body.

7. Wear Layers

Layering is another fantastic way to hide your bump.

This option tends to work better in colder months, when there’s more opportunity to wear jackets, coats and sweaters.

But even in warmer months, lightweight jackets and shirts in fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk will still let you take advantage of this simple and effective technique.

8. Think of Excuses Ahead of Time

Are you worried people might notice that you have stopped smoking or drinking alcohol, are craving certain foods or are no longer eating items like rare meat or beef jerky?

If the answer is yes then it’s a great idea to think of some excuses ahead of time, so you’re not fumbling for an excuse when you’re put on the spot.

Some well-thought out ideas you could recite include: listening to doctor’s orders about eating more healthily, wanting to avoid drinking alcohol to see if it helps you sleep or feel better, or feeling adventurous by wanting to try new foods rather than sticking to your usual favourites like steak.

Of course if you think there are situations where people might see through your excuse, it may be best to avoid the situation completely – for example by saying no to going on a big night out with friends, family or colleagues.

9. Hide Morning Sickness

Over half of pregnant women experience morning sickness, so there’s a good chance you will need to hide your morning sickness at some stage during your first, second or third trimester.

Having some snacks to hand at all times will certainly help during those times when you’re feeling nauseous, as will eating ginger or drinking ginger tea or eating citrus fruits.

You might also find that staying hydrated by drinking lots of water or Pedialyte help you combat morning sickness.

If you’re worried about people (especially at work) noticing you need to use the bathroom more often than usual – particularly if you’re prone to vomiting – then it’s good to have an excuse lined up as we mentioned earlier.

Saying you are trying to drink more water for health reasons, or that you have an upset stomach from something you ate the previous night, could help avoid raising suspicion.

10. Avoid Touching Your Belly

Pregnant Woman Wearing Pink Checkered Dress Holding Her Bump

Finally, remember not to touch your growing belly if you want to hide the fact that you’re pregnant!

Touching your bump might be something you do automatically, especially later on in your pregnancy during the third trimester, when this action can be comforting for both you and your unborn baby.

But nothing is sure to give the game away like stroking your hard or soft pregnant belly, so make sure you don’t fall into this habit without realizing it when you are in the company of people who you’re trying to hide your pregnancy from.

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