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What To Wear After Giving Birth (Top 10 Essentials)

If you are giving birth soon then you’ve probably already thought about what your baby is going to wear home from hospital.

And in rare cases, your husband or partner may have also started thinking about their hospital bag.

But what about mom’s clothing?

Rather than an afterthought, it’s important you also pack the right clothes for your stay in hospital, because what a new mom wears right after giving birth can have a big effect on how comfortable you feel.

The important thing with postpartum clothing is to avoid clothes that are tight and restricting.

Instead opt for clothing that is comfortable, loose fitting and something that you feel good wearing.

What To Wear After Having A Baby

What you plan to wear after labor can make a big difference to how you feel in hospital once you’ve given birth.

So to help you make the right decisions and pack clothes that ensure you look good and more importantly feel your best, we’ve created a list of the top 10 items to wear right after giving birth.

What To Wear Home From The Hospital After Giving Birth

1. Maternity Underwear

There’s no doubt that maternity underwear – think large, oversized granny pants – are one of the most important things to pack in your hospital bag.

A great tip when buying maternity underwear is to size up, as you’ll be wearing large sanitary pads for a while after giving birth.

In terms of features, what you’re looking for is a high waist, long and wide crotch area, and something that’s breathable (which usually means cotton).

2. Nursing Bra

Nursing bras feature a latch that makes breastfeeding quicker and easier.

Given your breasts will likely become larger once your milk flow kicks in, you’ll need a bra that offers a lot of support for this extra size and weight.

In terms of fit, it’s best to go for a nursing bra that is soft, supportive and snug (but not tight).

3. Nursing Tanks

Nursing tank tops are a great option for moms that breastfeed, and I personally couldn’t recommend them more.

If you’re not a fan of put a bra to bed, then you may want to get some nursing tanks that have a built in bra.

These can also be a good option to wear overnight if you tend to overheat easily and / or get the night sweats.

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4. Loose T-Shirts

Many new moms find that loose-fitting / oversized cotton t-shirts (v-neck are best) are staples in their postpartum wardrobe.

This is because they are comfortable, easy to wash and provide quick access when nursing.

Again, sizing up is a good idea when it comes to buying nursing t-shirts.

Women Buying Clothes

5. Leggings or Sweatpants

As jeans are a no-no given their restrictiveness and lack of give, you’ll need to pack other pants to put on after giving birth.

Leggings and sweatpants are a great option, because they are stretchy, forgiving and undeniably comfortable – three things you’ll definitely appreciate in a pair of pants after giving birth.

If you want the leggings to support your stomach, go for styles that sit higher above your stomach or waist.

6. Sweaters

If you are giving birth in winter or colder months, then you’ll probably want to take one or two loose, oversized sweaters with you.

Wrap sweaters are also a fantastic option, because they will give you easy access when you need to breastfeed your baby.

7. Nightie or Pajamas

Light, comfortable and warm, pajamas are a staple in any pregnant woman’s hospital bag.

Choose something that is loose, stretchy and lightweight, and that has a high waist if you’re having a C-section.

In warmer weather you may prefer a night dress or nightie, especially ones with buttons, a V-neck or spaghetti straps, as these features will make breastfeeding or nursing easier.

8. Robe

While robes aren’t essential, many new moms find that they make a nice addition to your hospital bag.

Robes offer you a little more privacy when you need it, and they can add some extra style (and confidence) when you’re greeting visitors or moving around the ward.

As a tip that I learnt the hard way, you might want to choose a dark color – that way if you have any leakages they won’t show up or stain your robe.

9. Socks, Slippers & Sandals

Anyone who’s spent time in a hospital before will tell you they can be surprisingly cold places.

So to keep you feet warm, I would advise that you pack some thick, cozy and non-slip socks.

In addition, it might be a good idea to pack some slippers or sandals, particularly ones that are easy to slip on and off (the last thing you want to be doing is bending down to do up straps).

A Person Wearing Socks & Slippers

10. Hair Tie or Head Band

After you’ve given birth one thing you probably won’t be too concerned about is your hair style.

So to keep things simple, you may want to take a hair tie, hair clip or head band with you.

These items will ensure your hair looks good, while keeping it out of the way during breastfeeding or when looking down at your baby.

Going Home Outfit

The decision as to whether to wear a going home outfit when leaving hospital with you newborn will largely come down to personal preference.

For many moms (myself included), a pair of legging or sweatpants paired with a loose-fitting t-short or sweatshirt is a good, comfortable choice.

Others may prefer to go with a maternity or nursing dress, particularly as there are a lot of stylish yet comfortable options out there.

Whatever you chose, it’s important to pick something that you’re confident and comfortable in, and to ensure your outfit keeps you comfortable on your journey home with your precious new arrival.

What To Wear Home From The Hospital After Birth In Summer

If you are having a summer birth like I had, then you will probably still going to want to pack many of the items listed above in your hospital bag.

In summer or hotter months it’s important to have layers that you can easily take off or put on, and to choose fabrics like cotton or linen given how breathable they are.

Some excellent choices for your going home outfit after a summer birth include:

  • Lightweight Cotton T-Shirt
  • Maxi Dress
  • Maternity Skirt
  • Shorts (Especially Stomach-Supporting)
  • Oversized Shirt
  • Postpartum T-Shirt Dress
  • Leggings & Nursing Tank

Top 10 Items To Wear After Giving Birth

  1. Maternity Underwear
  2. Nursing Bra
  3. Nursing Tanks
  4. Loose T-Shirts
  5. Leggings or Sweatpants
  6. Sweaters
  7. Nightie or Pajamas
  8. Robe
  9. Socks, Slippers & Sandals
  10. Hair Tie or Head Band

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