How To Fold Onesies To Save Space (Step By Step Guide)

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From messy feeding sessions to peeing through diapers and full out full on blowouts, babies get through a lot of clothes.

When you factor in the space you need for other things like wipes, diapers, hats, socks, bibs and blankets, it’s easy to run out of space really quickly.

Whether you are packing for a family vacation or just trying to maximize your existing space, knowing how to fold a onesie to take up as little room as possible can be invaluable.

So let’s take you through a step by step guide on how to fold onesies to save space.

If you’re wondering how to fold baby sleepers then you can also use this exact same method.

Step 1: Lay The Onesie Flat

First up, lay the onesie face down on a flat surface, such as a changing table or on the floor, and smooth out any wrinkles.

Step 2: Fold One Side

Evenly fold one side so that everything is nicely lined up and makes a straight line.

Step 3: Repeat On The One Side

Repeat the exact same step on the other side.

Step 4: Fold One Third Of The Way

Next up, fold the bottom of the onesie about one third of the way up.

Step 5: Fold Up Again

Fold the onesie up again, making sure you leave a gap at end, as shown in the pictured below.

Step 6: Fold One Last Time

Repeat the previous steps one more time, leaving a small gap at the top.

Step 7: Stand The Onesie Up

Stand the onesie up – the gap you left will help it stay upright.

Step 8: File Away

Now you’re ready to file the onesie away wherever you choose.

Some people like to use draw dividers as this helps the clothes stay in one place, whereas others prefer to put clothes directly inside their drawers.

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