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How To Organize Baby Clothes Without A Closet (Top 10 Tips)

As any parent will tell you, for such a little person a baby or toddler sure does need a lot of clothes and accessories!

From everyday regulars like diapers, socks and sleep sacks, to less used vacation and beach essentials, a baby’s room needs to be both a place where your little one sleeps and somewhere to store all their worldly possessions.

So if your baby has a small bedroom without a closet, you’re no doubt wondering exactly where everything is going to go with such limited space to play with.

The key to organizing baby clothes without a closet is to be as efficient as you can with the space available, utilize unused space like the back or the door or under the crib, and invest in clothes rods, baskets and loose furniture.

Let’s take a look at how you can store everything away in an elegant way without spoiling the look and feel of your child’s bedroom.

How To Organize Baby Clothes Without A Closet

Here are our top 10 DIY hacks to organize your baby’s clothes when storage space is limited in your baby’s nursery:


If you have the space than a dresser is one of the most useful storage solutions in any bedroom.

Not only do they tend to have several draws that can hold a vast amount of clothing, but by putting a changing mat on the flat surface on the top you can create a changing table too.

The area either side of the dresser may also be the perfect place to put a mini bookcase, basket or rolling cart (more on these below).


If you don’t have a closet in your child’s nursery, the closest thing might be to add a bookcase to the room.

The great thing about baby clothes is that they are not very big, especially if you fold them in a space-saving way, so even a shallow bookcase should be fit for purpose.

You can either remove a shelf or two and add a clothes rod to create some hanging storage, or use the shelves either directly to put clothes on or to hold baskets and bins.

As a safety precaution if you do decide to put a bookcase in your baby’s room, always make sure it’s securely attached to the wall to prevent it falling over and injuring your child.


Wardrobes can be quite big and bulky, so they aren’t suitable for all spaces.

However, if you do have the space then a wardrobe is an excellent place to store a range of baby clothing and accessories.

One neat hack worth noting is that with a bit of DIY creativity you can also create drawers and shelves inside the wardrobe by a hanging closet organizer.

Clothes Rod

Just because you don’t have space for a wardrobe doesn’t mean you can’t hang up any baby clothes.

One of the best storage hacks in a baby’s nursery or room is to put up a clothes rod.

You can hang a rod under an existing shelf or by itself, or even in a corner to make use of space that’s probably not currently being used.

Because baby and toddler clothes are so small, you could also hang one rod underneath another, which helps to maximize space even further.

While you could go for a classic white rod, there are plenty of other interesting options to add more color or texture, such as industrial-style copper hanging rods.

Back Of The Door

One of the most under-utilized storage spaces in any room is likely to be the back of the door.

You might be pleasantly surprised by just how much you can actually fit in an over-the-door rack or shoe organizer.

Some the items that neatly fit into this storage solution include bibs, hats, socks, shoes and bodysuits.

Baskets & Bins

Baskets and bins come in many different styles, from basic plastic to more decorate wicker, canvas or even solid wood.

Baskets are a fantastic DIY storage solution because they easily add texture, color and style to your baby’s room, and with so many options there’s bound to be something suitable for everyone’s budget.

Underneath The Crib

Depending on the type of crib you have, there could be a lot of unutilized space beneath your baby’s bed.

By using baskets or better yet bins with lids you can neatly store clothes and other accessories such spare blankets, towels and baby carriers out of view.

Rolling Cart

Rolling storage carts are a great DIY storage solution for your baby’s room because they come in a variety of sizes.

So those little gaps here and there, or the space under a changing table can all be put to good use with a rolling cart.

Many parents like to store loose items such as diapers, creams, wet wipes, first aid kits and pumping accessories in these carts, but the choice is up to you.

Use Space In Another Room

If you’re struggling for space in your child’s room, consider if you have any available space in an attic, basement, cellar or even in closets or dressers in other bedrooms in your house.

Cold weather clothes and winter bedwear are clearly not needed in summer and vice versa, so remember that not everything your baby uses needs to be easily accessible at all times (see below).

Put Seasonal Clothes Into Storage

Rotating summer and winter clothes in and out of storage can be an excellent way to free up space in your baby’s room.

As mentioned this can be in other areas of your own house, or even in a nearby self storage depot.

If you do go down this route, it may be worth buying some reusable vacuum sealed / compression bags to store the clothes in once they are washed and dried, as this will not only save space but also protect from dirt, dust, bugs and moisture.

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