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What Should A Baby Wear To Sleep In Summer?

If you’re unsure about how to dress your baby for sleep in hot weather, this article is for you.

While there’s no single right answer, the key is to dress your baby based on the air temperature of their room, not the outside temperature.

But what about newborns? What are the best fabrics? And how can you check your baby’s temperature? Let’s find out.

What Should A Baby Wear To Sleep In Summer?

Most parents are aware of the general rule of thumb when dressing a baby.

The rule is simply to dress them in one more layer than you would wear.

But when deciding what a baby should wear to sleep during hot weather, you should always opt for lightweight fabrics, avoid overdressing and use common sense.

Ideal Room Temperature For A Baby’s Room In Summer

Many experts agree that in both winter and summer, the ideal temperature for a baby’s room is 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ideally your baby’s room should feel a comfortable temperature, but on the slightly cooler side.

Achieving this temperature in summer can be difficult, especially without running the air conditioning all night.

This is why it’s important to dress your baby in suitable clothing and to know how to tell if your baby is too warm or too cold, which we’ll cover in this article.

Best Types Of Materials A Baby Should Wear To Sleep In Summer

To ensure your baby doesn’t overheat in warm weather, you want to dress them in cool, breathable fabrics. Some of the best materials include:

assorted baby clothes

What Should A Newborn Wear To Sleep in Summer?

When dressing your newborn baby in hot weather you should dress them in a short-sleeved onesie or body suit along with a sleep sack or swaddle with a medium to low TOG rating.

If you’re wondering whether sleep sacks are safe for babies including newborns the answer is yes, provided the fit is correct.

Baby in White Onesie Lying on Bed

Can You Swaddle A Newborn Baby In Summer?

Yes, if your baby is a newborn who’s used to being swaddled, the good news is there is no need to change this part of their sleep routine in summer.

The important thing is to opt for a lightweight low TOG swaddle designed for warmer weather, such as a thin 100% cotton blanket or swaddle bag.

How Should I Dress My Infant or Toddler In Hot Weather?

When it comes to slightly older babies, one of the best ways to keep your infant or toddler cool in the summer months is by dressing them in a short-sleeved bodysuit underneath a lightweight sleep sack with a low TOG rating.

TOG Ratings

You may have noticed sleep sacks have a TOG rating, but what exactly does this refer to?

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade, and is a standard measurement to indicate how warm a garment is.

Most baby sleep sacks have a TOG rating between 0.5 to 3.5.

The key thing to remember is the higher the TOG rating, the warmer the sack.

In hot weather you should therefore opt for a sack with a low rating such as 0.5 or 1.0.

You can find a detailed TOG rating guide in this article.

How To Dress A Baby On Even Warmer Days and Nights

On particularly warm days and nights, it may be best to lose the sleep sack completely.

When the temperature really warms up, a bodysuit on its own, or even just a diaper, might be the best way to keep your little one cool.

Baby Lying on Bed

Avoid Overdressing In Hot Weather

Parents should keep in mind that it’s more dangerous for a baby to overheat than be a little too cool.

This is especially important because overheating has been linked to a higher risk of SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

With this in mind, it may be safer to add layers in the night, rather than putting your baby to bed too warm.

Checking on your baby frequently is also advisable (more on this below).

Can I Use Air Conditioning Or A Fan In A Baby’s Room?

You may be wondering if it’s safe to use air conditioning in a baby’s room.

The good new is yes, air conditioning and fans are an excellent way to keep a baby’s room nice and cool.

Just keep in mind it’s best to avoid blowing cool air directly on your baby or having the fan too close to you baby’s crib or bassinet.

You should also keep the temperature at a comfortable setting to avoid your baby getting too cold.

What Should A Baby Wear To Sleep If You Have Air Conditioning?

If your air conditioning is effective in cooling down your baby’s room, remember to dress your baby based on the temperature of the room, not the temperature outside.

In practice this may mean dressing your little one in a short or long-sleeved bodysuit and a sleep sack.

Check On Your Baby Frequently

During the first few nights of warm weather it’s advisable to check on your little one to ensure they are safe and comfortable.

Fortunately there’s a quick and easy way to check a baby’s temperature, which we’ll cover below.

How To Check A Baby’s Temperature Without A Thermometer

You can measure a baby’s temperature without a thermometer by feeling the back of their neck or tummy.

If the skin is cool and dry to touch, your baby’s temperature is fine.

If the neck or tummy is hot and sticky, it’s a sign your baby is too warm.

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Too Hot When Sleeping?

Person Holding Baby's Hand

Some signs to look for that your baby is too hot while sleeping include:

  • Feeling warm to touch (as above)
  • Redness or flushed skin
  • Dampness on or around the head and neck
  • Increased heart rate
  • Sleepier than usual and struggling to wake up

If you are concerned that your baby is suffering in the heat we recommend you seek professional medical advice.

Not Sure How To Dress Your Baby In Winter?

When deciding what a baby should wear to sleep during cold weather, you should opt for heavier fabrics, use layers and avoid overheating – all of which we covered in our article on how to dress a baby in winter.

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