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What To Wear Under Snoo Sack (5 Things To Consider)

If you are unsure about what your baby should wear under their Snoo sack then this article is for you.

While there is no single right answer, the key is to dress your baby based on the air temperature of their room, and opt for layers made from soft, breathable fabrics.

Many parents find that a onesie or bodysuit works well, but in hotter environments it’s fine to ditch the layers and dress your baby in only a diaper underneath their Snoo sack.

What To Wear Under Snoo Sack

1. One More Layer Than You

Often the first place to start when deciding how to dress your baby under their Snoo sack is to remember the general rule of thumb when it comes to dressing a baby.

This simple rule states you should dress a baby in one more layer than you would wear yourself.

You should keep in mind that the Snoo sack is a layer in itself, so make sure you include this layer in your calculations.

2. Layers Are Your Friend

Any parent in the know will tell you that comfortable and easily removable layers are your best friend when it comes to dressing a baby for sleep.

Cool, breathable fabrics are also the best option to wear under a Snoo sack, and many parents find that zip-ups, onesies and bodysuits are all good options to wear underneath.

Some of the best materials that a baby can wear to sleep all year around include:

3. Consider The Room Temperature

White Thermostat Hanging on the Wall

Somewhere parents frequently go wrong is by dressing their baby based on the outside temperature rather than the air temperature of their room.

Many experts agree that in both winter and summer, the ideal temperature for a baby’s room is 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit (20-22 degrees Celsius).

This means that in an ideal world your baby’s room should feel a comfortable temperature, but on the slightly cooler side.

With powerful central heating and strong air conditioning units, it can be quite easy to over-cool a room in summer and over-warm it in winter.

This is why isn’t important to always consider the temperature of your baby’s room when deciding what your little one should wear under their sack.

So don’t assumer they need several layers just because it’s cold outside, and likewise if you have powerful air conditioning, be mindful of not dressing your baby in too few layers simply because you’re in the middle of a hot summer.

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What To Wear Under Snoo Sack In Summer

You may know that it’s more dangerous for a baby to overheat than be a little too cool, especially because overheating has been linked to a higher risk of SIDS.

For this reason, in summer you may want to dress your baby in fewer layers under their Snoo sack than you may first think, because your can always check on your baby and add more layers in the night if necessary.

It’s also worth noting that your don’t necessarily have to dress your baby in anything under their Snoo sack.

So on those very hot days and nights, when the temperature really warms up, just a diaper under the sack might be the best option to keep your child a comfortable temperature.

Other Considerations

1. Avoid Direct Air

As we covered in our article about how to dress your baby for sleep in summer, you can safely use air conditioning and fans in your baby’s room as a way to keep the temperature nice and cool.

But if you do use air conditioning or a fan, it’s best to avoid blowing cool air directly on your baby’s Snoo.

Keep this in mind once they outgrow the Snoo and move into their crib as well.

2. Know The Signs of Being Too Hot or Cold

A thermometer is the best way to check your baby’s temperature, but there is a quick way to check if your baby is too hot or too cold if you know what to look out for.

You can measure a baby’s temperature without a thermometer by feeling the back of their neck or tummy.

  • Too Cold: if the skin doesn’t feel warm at all, it’s a sign your baby is cold at night, so you probably need to add another layer (or two).
  • Too Warm: if the skin is hot, sticky and sweaty, it’s a sign your baby is too warm. Some other signs to look for that your baby is too hot while sleeping include redness or flushed skin, dampness on or around the head and neck, an increased heart rate and feeling sleepier than usual.
  • Right Temperature: if the skin is cool and dry to touch, your baby’s temperature is fine.

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