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46 Fun Indoor Fall Activities (For Kids & Families)

Whether it’s down to a cold, rainy day, or because you just fancy spending some cozy time inside, all parents need to have some fun indoor activities up their sleeves.

Fall (or autumn as it’s called in some countries), is often seen as a magical time for both kids and adults alike, and it’s no wonder.

With pumpkins, bonfires, baked treats, nature in all its glory and of course Halloween, it’s not surprising many of us have particularly fond memories of this time of the year.

If you find yourself struggling with what to do indoors with your toddler or older kids right now then you’re not alone.

But the good news is we’ve got you covered!

From inexpensive or free activities at home to something a little more special for the whole family, here are almost 50 of the best fall activities you and your family will love.

46 Family Friendly Indoor Fall Activities

  1. Go To The Movies
  2. Catch A Show At A Theatre
  3. Watch A Disney Movie At Home
  4. Do Some Painting
  5. Bake An Apple or Pumpkin Pie
  6. Make Pumpkin Soup
  7. Family Games Night
  8. Play Some Puzzles
  9. Play Video Games
  10. Get Cozy In An Indoor Tent
  11. Visit An Aquarium
  12. Visit A Museum
  13. Go To A Basketball Game
  14. Watch A Hockey Match
  15. Interview Your ParentsGrandparents or Siblings
  16. Family Pizza Making
  17. Go Swimming
  18. Go For Afternoon Tea
  19. Visit An Indoor Skate Rink
  20. Go To A Concert
    Father And Daughter Decorating Pumpkins For Halloween
  21. Visit A Softplay Center
  22. Go Bowling
  23. Visit A Games Arcade
  24. Play Indoor Tennis
  25. Play Pool
  26. Go To The Mall
  27. Go To A Dance Class
  28. Visit A Kids Gym
  29. Go For Ice Cream Or Dessert
  30. Get A Head Start On Your Christmas Shopping
  31. Family Karaoke
  32. Volunteer In A Soup Kitchen
  33. Clean Out Your Wardrobe Or Toys And Donate The Items To Charity
  34. Curl Up On The Sofa With Hot Chocolate And Marshmallows
  35. Go Bobbing For Apples
  36. Make Halloween Decorations
  37. Visit A Bookstore Or Library
  38. Have An Indoor Picnic
  39. Go To An Indoor Climbing Center
  40. Play Hide And Seek
  41. Create A Scavenger Hunt
  42. Plan Your Next Family Vacation Together
  43. Set Up An Indoor Obstacle Course
  44. Play Pretend With Your Toddler
  45. Do A Family Yoga Session
  46. Have A Mocktail Party

Family Playing board game

Final Word

So there we have it, 46 of the best and most fun activities to enjoy this fall with your family.

Just because you are indoors doesn’t mean the fun has to stop this autumn.

With a little creativity and planning, you can continue to ensure fall days remain some of the best and most cherished times of the year!

Tori is mama to 3 year old Isabella and co-founder of Rockinbaby. She has a BSc in Psychology, is a certified yoga teacher and is a working mom. In her free time Tori loves cooking delicious foods and baked treats, entertaining and working out. Learn more about Tori here.

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