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60 Best Emo Names For Guys (Cool, Cute & Unique)

Are you in search of a cool, cute, funny or unique emo name for a boy?

The word “emo”, which is short for “emotional hardcore”, refers to a type of music that was popular in the 1990’s and 2000’s and characterized by lyrics that are strong, powerful and emotional.

Emo names therefore evoke a sense of edginess, punk rock and powerful emotions.

Emo names are typically linked to the reflective nature of emo music, and unsurprisingly they are most popular with parents who are themselves fans of this genre of music.

Naming a child can be difficult at the best of times, but it’s perhaps even harder if you’re going down a more unusual route like wanting to choose a great emo name.

So to give you inspiration, let’s take a look at 60 of the best emo names for guys.

Emo Names (With Meaning)

  1. Abbadon (destruction)
  2. Abel (breath)
  3. Aiden (fiery one)
  4. Alfonzo (ready for battle)
  5. Amalric (ruler or mighty)
  6. Asher (happy and blessed)
  7. Axel (father of peace)
  8. Balor (one-eyed giant)
  9. Blackwell (dark black stream)
  10. Blake (dark)
  11. Bram (sword)
  12. Brody (from the muddy place)
  13. Cadell (battle)
  14. Colton (from the dark town)
  15. Corbin (crow or raven).
  16. Cosmo (beauty)
  17. Cyrus (sun)
  18. Dakota (friend)
  19. Devin (poet)
  20. Draco (serpent)
  21. Drake (dragon)
  22. Draven (hunter)
  23. Emerson (powerful)
  24. Emo (serious)
  25. Ethan (strong,)
  26. Evan (young fighter)
  27. Gerard (spear strong)
  28. Griffin (strong lord)
  29. Jet (black stone)
  30. Karim (generous or noble)
  31. Lennon (little cloak)
  32. Leon (lion)
  33. Locke (lives by the stronghold)
  34. Lucas (bringer of light)
  35. Maverick (independent-minded)
  36. Morgan (fighter of the sea)
  37. Oberon (noble bear)
  38. Odin (frenzy or rage)
  39. Onyx (claw)
  40. Osiris (god of the dead)
  41. Ozul (a shadow)
  42. Ozzie (strong)
  43. Perseus (avenger or destroyer)
  44. Phoenix (dark red)
  45. Rafe (shield wolf)
  46. Reed (redheaded)
  47. Rook (crow)
  48. Skylar (noble scholar)
  49. Storm (tempest)
  50. Sullen (unique or singular)
  51. Truman (loyal)
  52. Vernon (alder tree)
  53. Vesper (night star)
  54. Walker (fuller of cloth)
  55. Xanthus (golden-haired)
  56. Xenos (guest or stranger)
  57. Zacchaeus (clean or pure)
  58. Zephyr (west wind)
  59. Zero (empty)
  60. Zoltan (sultan or life)

Final Word

Whether or not you are fan of emo music, we’re sure you’d agree there are many cool emo names for guys in our list above.

From the romantic to the mysterious and emotive, we hope our list of the best emo names helps and inspires you with your naming decision.

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