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150+ Handsome Boy Names (Beautiful, Unique, Rare)

Some couples like to think about baby names well before discovering they are expecting, while others are spurred you into action as their due date arrives.

Either way, you probably don’t need to be told that choosing a name for your baby isn’t always easy!

If you’re expecting a boy, you might therefore be wondering what are the most handsome boy names, or is there a shortlist of beautiful boy names you should consider?

In truth, how handsome a name is largely comes do personal preference, and it’s also a very subjective topic, because some boy names that you find beautiful might not appear on another parent’s shortlist and visa versa.

Having said that, we’ve tried to come up with a list of names that are commonly thought of as being strong, attractive and handsome for a boy, so we hope you find inspiration from the 150+ names below when thinking about what to call your beautiful baby boy.

Handsome Boy Names

Many parents like to choose a handsome baby boy name that instantly conjures up romantic images of a strong and attractive guy, such as the following names:

  • Adam
  • Alexander
  • Andrew
  • Anthony
  • Arthur
  • Benjamin
  • Blake
  • Brandon
  • Brendan
  • Brooks
  • Byron
  • Cameron
  • Charles
  • Christian
  • Christopher
  • Colin
  • Daniel
  • David
  • Dean
  • Declan
  • Derek
  • Donald
  • Drake
  • Duke
  • Edward
  • Elliot
  • Eric
  • Evan
  • Frederick
  • Garvin
  • George
  • Gilbert
  • Glenn
  • Gordon
  • Harry
  • Henry
  • Isaac
  • Jack
  • Jacob
  • James
  • Jason
  • Jeffery
  • Johnathan
  • Joseph
  • Joshua
  • Julian
  • Kendall
  • Kennedy
  • Kenneth
  • Kyle
  • Lance
  • Lawrence
  • Leo
  • Luther
  • Malcolm
  • Mark
  • Matthew
  • Maximillian
  • Maxwell
  • Michael
  • Miles
  • Nicholas
  • Noah
  • Oliver
  • Patrick
  • Paul
  • Peter
  • Phillip
  • Preston
  • Ralph
  • Randell
  • Richard
  • Riley
  • Robert
  • Ronald
  • Rory
  • Ross
  • Roy
  • Rupert
  • Russell
  • Ryan
  • Samuel
  • Scott
  • Sean
  • Simon
  • Stanley
  • Stephen
  • Taylor
  • Terry
  • Thomas
  • Timothy
  • Toby
  • Todd
  • Tyler
  • Tyrell
  • Vincent
  • Walker
  • Wesley
  • Wilson

Rare Handsome Boy Names

For some parents, how rare or unique a name is can be very important and is a major factor when choosing a baby name for their son.

If you or your partner fall into this camp, check out these unusually rare yet equally handsome boy names:

  • Adrian
  • Aiden
  • Angus
  • Archie
  • Bailey
  • Barron
  • Beckett
  • Bertie
  • Bruce
  • Carter
  • Connor
  • Conrad
  • Dylan
  • Elias
  • Elijah
  • Felix
  • Francis
  • Franklin
  • Giles
  • Grant
  • Gregory
  • Harrison
  • Harrold
  • Hugh
  • Hugo
  • Jefferson
  • Jude
  • Liam
  • Logan
  • Louis
  • Lucas
  • Magnus
  • Montgomery
  • Omar
  • Orlando
  • Oscar
  • Parker
  • Peyton
  • Pierce
  • Piers
  • Roman
  • Ronan
  • Sebastian
  • Selwyn
  • Sidney
  • Sinclair
  • Spencer
  • Terrence
  • Theodore
  • Travis
  • Trent
  • Tristan
  • Victor
  • Wentworth

Tips For Choosing A Handsome Name For Your Child

We hope you found this article on handsome, rare and beautiful boy names useful and inspirational.

If you find yourself struggling, here are some additional tips and advice to help with your baby naming decision:

  1. If it’s something particularly important to you, your partner or close family, you may want to consider honoring a name that is already in the family, for example the name of a dad or father figure, brother, uncle or grandfather.
  2. The majority of parents find the naming process naturally takes some time, so do not feel as though you have to rush the process and get it over with quickly. After all, it’s an important decision!
  3. A helpful starting point is to compile a shortlist of all the boy names you like that you and your partner think are particularly handsome, beautiful and strong.
  4. Next, eliminate some names based on whether there are others on the list that you both prefer (i.e. narrow down to only your favorite names).
  5. Say the potential name and your child’s soon-to-be surname out loud a few times to get a feel for how they sound and gel together.
  6. Remember to check that the initials of the names don’t spell anything rude or unwanted!
  7. Sometimes you may feel as though you aren’t making any progress, in which case it’s best to take a break for a few days and then revisit again when your mind is fresh.
  8. Remember that you don’t have to decide your baby boy’s name before they are born. So if you have several potential winners, wait until you meet your little one, because seeing them in the flesh may well help you decide which of the names on your shortlist suits them best.
  9. The naming process can be a lot of fun and isn’t just limited to your son’s first name, so be sure to check out our other articles on the best nicknames for baby boysbaby girls, aunts, uncles, nephews, niecescousins, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, stepmoms and stepdads.

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