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List Of Best Aunt Names (Cute, Funny & Crazy)

Welcoming a new baby to the family is a very exciting time for everyone involved.

While the ultimate excitement is reserved for mom and dad, there’s a strong chance any sisters in the family are likely to be almost as excited about your new arrival.

While there is of course nothing wrong with the word aunt, it can be a difficult word for babies and toddlers to say.

In addition it might be a little too traditional or not quite cool or contemporary enough for your taste.

So given there’s often a special bond between aunts and their nieces and nephews, a nickname is a lovely way to honor that bond.

So to go with our nicknames for nieces, nephews, cousins, baby boys and baby girls, brothers, sisters, uncles, moms, dads, stepmoms, stepdads, grandmas, grandpas, great grandmas, great grandpas and even family group chats, let’s take a look at some other names for aunt, from the cute and funny to the outright crazy!

International Names For Aunt

If there’s an option to honour you or your partner’s heritage you may be interested in using one of the foreign names for aunt below.

Some sound so good you might even use them even if you’re not from any of these countries, which is of course fine to do.

    • Aintin (Irish)
    • Bibi (Indonesian)
    • Moster (Swedish)
    • Tante (French)
    • Tannie (South African)
    • Täti (Finnish)
    • Teta (Lithuanian)
    • Tetka (Croatian)
    • Theia (Greek)
    • Tia (Spanish)
    • Tiya (Filipino)
    • Zia (Italian)

Traditional Aunt Names

Many people like to keep things simple and traditional when it comes to aunt names.

If you or your family fall into this camp, you may want to go with something like:

  • Aunt
  • Aunt (followed by the aunt’s name or nickname)
  • Auntie
  • Sissy

Cute & Cool Aunt Names

If you’re after an alternative name for aunt that’s cute or cool, check out these examples for some inspiration.

    • Aunts
    • Aunt (or Auntie) Bear
    • Aunt (or Auntie) Bestie
    • Aunt (or Auntie) Boo
    • Bubbles
    • Care Bear
    • ChaCha
    • Cookie
    • CeCe
    • Cuddle Bug
    • Gummy Bear
    • Lu-Lu
    • Me-Me
    • Mimi / Mi-Mi
    • Moppy
    • Muffin
    • Nanny
    • Pebbles
    • Sissy
    • Sister Auntie
    • Sporty
    • Sugar Plumb
    • Tauntee
    • Ti
    • Ti-Ti
    • Tinkerbell
    • TT (teetee)
    • Using Abbreviations (Abbreviate the aunt’s first name and / or the word aunt – for example Aunt Tori would be called “AT”)

Fun & Crazy Aunt Names

Are you looking for another name for an aunt that is a little more fun or crazy?

If the aunt is a little on the crazy side (in a good way of course), or has a fun and bright personality, how about using some of these aunt names:

  • Big Mouth
  • Big Time
  • Boogie
  • Bombshell
  • Buffy
  • Dazzler
  • Firecracker
  • Foxi
  • Lady Bug
  • Lil’ B
  • Real Deal
  • Sassy
  • Wonder Woman

How To Choose The Best Name For Your Child’s Aunt

You should remember there’s no right or wrong name regarding what to call an aunt, and sometimes it’s best to go with what’s easy, fits well or is natural.

Here are a few more things to consider when choosing an other name for an aunt:

  • Check the aunt likes the name and consider letting them rule out anything they particularly dislike.
  • Choose a name that’s appropriate for the aunt’s age and personality, as the name for an aunt in their teens or 20’s is likely to be different to one in their 50s.
  • Use different names for different aunts, so that nobody in the family has the same nickname.
  • Keep the nickname short, simple and easy to say.
  • Lastly, don’t stress too much about it, and remember that sometimes it works best if your little one decides what to call their aunt.

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