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25 Awesome Nicknames For Your Great Grandma

We all love a great nickname don’t we.

We recently wrote about the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren in our articles offering inspiration for the best grandma and grandpa nicknames.

Now while being a grandmother is without doubt special, if there’s one thing out there that’s even more special, it’s becoming a great grandmother!

If you are lucky enough to have a great grandma then why not honor that special bond and relationship with a beautiful, cute or funny nickname for the lady in question.

So to go with our list of aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, cousins, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, stepmoms and stepdads, let’s take a look at 25 awesome names for your great grandma.

The Best Names & Nicknames For A Great Grandma

From cute and sweet to funny and sassy, here are some awesome ideas for a great grandma nickname:

If you’re looking for a cute or sweet name for your grandma, try one of these for size:

  1. Amma Amma
  2. Bababushka
  3. G-Gamma
  4. GG
  5. Ga Ga
  6. Gams
  7. Geema
  8. Gi Gi
  9. GiGiMa
  10. Gramissimo
  11. Grand Ma Ma
  12. Great Glamma
  13. Great Gram
  14. Great Granno
  15. Great Maw Maw
  16. Greaty
  17. Ma-MaMa
  18. Mi Mou Mou
  19. Mimi
  20. Moo Moo
  21. Moo Moo Moo
  22. Na-nana
  23. Nany Nan Nan
  24. OG
  25. The OG

Advice For Choosing An Awesome Great Grandma Name

We hope the list above has given you some inspiration in your search for a wonderful name for a great grandma.

Some other things to think about when choosing a nickname for your great grandmother include:

  • Check the lady in question likes the name and consider letting them rule out anything they particularly dislike.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have more than one great grandma, as well as grandmas, make sure each one has a different nickname that is unique to them.
  • Remember that the nickname doesn’t necessarily have to link directly to the fact she’s a great grandma, so in theory any grandma nickname could also work.
  • Lastly, don’t worry too much about it, and remember that sometimes it’s better if your children decide what to call their great grandma, even if they are still babies or toddlers, as that will make the name super personal and meaningful.

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