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Best Preschool & Kindergarten Names (Cute, Catchy, Unique)

Whether you are looking to open a preschool or kindergarten in your town, or are just brainstorming ideas for a group chat with other parents, finding the perfect preschool name isn’t easy.

So to help you out and give you some inspiration, here are 50+ awesome preschool names, from the catchy and cute, to ones that are animal-inspired, clever, religious and just outright creative and funny.

Let’s jump in.

Cute & Catchy Preschool Names

  • Bright Horizons Kindergarten
  • Bright Start Preschool
  • Bright Young Minds
  • Creative Kingdom
  • Curious Minds
  • Epic Horizons
  • First Steps Preschool
  • Golden Smiles
  • Little Explorers Kindergarten
  • Little Learners
  • Magic Moments
  • Shining Stars Preschool
  • The Playroom
  • The Sunshine Club
  • Tiny Steps Preschool
  • Tiny Tots Preschool

Nature-Inspired Preschool Names

  • Busy Bee Kindergarten
  • Five Little Ducks Kindergarten
  • Five Little Monkeys Preschool
  • Happy Hippos
  • Ladybug Learning Center
  • Learning Bugs
  • Learning Bugs Kindergarten
  • Little Acorns Preschool
  • Little Badgers Early Learning Center
  • Little Caterpillars
  • Little Cubs Kindergarten
  • Little Dino’s Learning Center
  • Little Lamb’s
  • Little Lions Kindergarten
  • Little Mouse Preschool
  • Little Sunflowers
  • Little Tigers Learning Center
  • Monkey Puzzle Preschool
  • Rainbow Playhouse
  • Sunny Days Childcare
  • Tadpoles Kindergarten
  • The Nest Preschool
  • Tiny Elephants

Christian Preschool Names

  • All Saints Preschool
  • Angel Preschool
  • Faithful Beginnings
  • God’s Little Wonders
  • God’s Little Lambs Preschool School
  • Holy Spirit Preschool
  • Little Badgers Christian Learning Center
  • Noah’s Little Ark Christian Preschool
  • Shepherd’s Little Flock Preschool
  • Small Miracles Preschool
  • St. (insert name) Preschool
  • St. Mary’s Childcare Center
  • The Flock Preschool

How To Choose The Best Preschool Name

The best names are often simple, yet they are able to effectively communicate what your Preschool or Kindergarten is all about.

Ideally what you’re looking for is a name that can easily show people the values that your center stands for.

Once you’ve decided on a potential name, it’s a good idea to check whether there are any other preschools nearby with the same or very similar name, because the last thing you want to do is have to change your name when you’re further down the line.

When it comes to brainstorming, an effective strategy is to let the ideas flow by writing everything that comes to mind without passing any initial judgement.

Think of it like a funnel – you want a lot of ideas come in, so you can refine and whittle down to your favorites later.

And finally, remember that ultimately it’s a child’s mom, dad or carer that will make the decision whether to send their child to your center.

So always ask yourself if the name will be appealing to local residents, and whether you yourself would send your child there.

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