Is My Child Gifted? Use This Checklist

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Are you often surprised or amazed by your child’s abilities?

Do you think they may be more advanced than their peers?

If so there’s probably one burning question on your mind, and that’s is my child gifted?

While the exact attributes of a gifted child varies from child to child, there are some common characteristics that can indicate if your child is gifted or not.

Things like your son or daughter’s vocabulary, memory, curiosity and ability to focus on a task can all be good indicators of how advanced they are.

So let’s explore a list of questions that can serve as a checklist to help revel your child’s abilities.

Is My Child Gifted Checklist

If you are looking for a checklist to use when trying to determine if your little one is gifted, here are 20 things to think about.

Gifted children certainly don’t tick off all of these points, but this list serves as a good checklist to revel the abilities of a gifted child.

  1. They showed an interest in numbers and words from an early age.
  2. They have an advanced vocabulary which they demonstrated from a young age by using bigger and more complicated words than you’d expect.
  3. Your child can can recall information including facts, events and movie quotes or songs quickly.
  4. They know more about a topic than other children (for example about sports, animals, school subject).
  5. Your child started to read or write from an earlier age than other kids.
  6. They are curious about many different topics and ask lot of questions.
  7. They can focus intensely when doing something that interests them without getting bored.
  8. Your child is comfortable in the company of adults or older children and enjoys talking to adults or bigger kids.
  9. They demonstrate leadership abilities when they are with other children by organizing games or activities of example.
  10. They demonstrate strong resourcefulness to solve problems.
  11. Your son or daughter enjoys games that involve problem-solving like puzzles.
  12. They use their imagination to help solve problems and can “think outside the box” or come up with creative solutions.
  13. Your child has a strong interest in artistic activities like singing, dancing and playing a musical instrument.
  14. They show more stamina and energy compared to other children their age and gender.
  15. Your child has an advanced sense of humor and creates or shares jokes that adults can appreciate.
  16. They demonstrate unusually strong reasoning powers.
  17. From a young age your child could easily connect and link sequences.
  18. They are more sensitive than other children their age.
  19. Your child likes to excel at most things they do.
  20. They often prefer to work alone rather than in a group.