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120 Awesome, Cute & Funny Brother Nicknames

Siblings have a special bond, so sometimes using a brother’s first name or the word “brother” just won’t do it!

As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water, and siblings should always have each other’s backs and be there together through thick and thin.

A cool, cute or unique nickname for a big or little brother can be a lovely way to honor that special relationship between a brother and their sibling.

So in in addition to our articles looking at alternative names for aunts, uncles, sons, nephews, nieces, cousins, daughters, sisters, moms, dads, stepmoms, stepdads, grandmas, grandpas, great grandmas, great grandpas and family group chats, let’s now check out some of the very best brother nicknames.

Cute & Cool Brother Nicknames

  1. Amigo
  2. Bam Bam
  3. Bestie
  4. Bestie
  5. Big Bro
  6. Big Dude
  7. Big Man
  8. Biggie
  9. Biggs
  10. Blondie
  11. Boom Boom
  12. Bro
  13. Bro-Bro
  14. Broski
  15. Brudah
  16. Bruiser
  17. Bruv
  18. Bubba Bear
  19. Bubbles
  20. Bubs
  21. Buck
  22. Bud
  23. Buddy
  24. Bunny
  25. Buz
  26. Champ
  27. Chief
  28. Chimpunk
  29. Colonel
  30. Dimples
  31. Doodles
  32. Dude
  33. Farty Pants
  34. Gummy Bear
  35. Handsome
  36. Hero
  37. His Highness
  38. His Lordship
  39. King (followed by their name)
  40. Little Bug
  41. Man
  42. Marshmallow
  43. Mate
  44. Matey
  45. Monkey
  46. Muffin
  47. Pal
  48. Peanut
  49. Pickle
  50. Playa
  51. Player
  52. Prince
  53. Rockstar
  54. Senior
  55. Skipper
  56. Sleepy
  57. Smiley
  58. Sport
  59. Teddy
  60. Wingman

Funny Brother Nicknames

If you’re looking for a brotherly nickname that is on the funnier side (or even a little rude), check out these for inspiration:

  1. Adopted (provided it’s tongue in cheek)
  2. Booger
  3. Bozo
  4. Burrito
  5. Butthead
  6. Chatterbox
  7. Cheeseball
  8. Chubster
  9. Chunkster
  10. Copycat
  11. Cowboy
  12. Farty Pants
  13. Fuzzy Wuzzy
  14. Geekster
  15. Goofball
  16. Hermit
  17. Joker
  18. Meatball
  19. Mistake
  20. Ninja
  21. Noodles
  22. Old Man
  23. Popeye
  24. Sidekick
  25. Squirt
  26. Stinker
  27. Talk A Lot
  28. Trouble
  29. Troublemaker
  30. Weirdo

Nicknames For Little Brother

If you or your child has a younger brother, you might like some of these awesome little brother nicknames:

  1. Baby Bro
  2. Bubba
  3. Little Man
  4. Little Bro
  5. Little Guy
  6. Tiny Tots
  7. Junior
  8. Bambino
  9. Mini Me
  10. Short Stuff
  11. Half-Pint
  12. Halfling
  13. Ickle
  14. Runty
  15. Kiddo

Nicknames That Mean “Brother” In Foreign Languages

If you would like to honour your family’s heritage then you may be interested in using one of the words for brother in another language.

You’ll no doubt agree that some sound so good you might even want to use one even if you don’t have any links to the countries below, which of course is absolutely fine to do!

  1. Abang (Malay)
  2. Adelfi (Greek)
  3. Ax (Mongolian)
  4. Batska (Slavic)
  5. Brathair (Irish)
  6. Bràthair (Scottish)
  7. Broer (Dutch)
  8. Broer Danish
  9. Brolis (Lithuanian)
  10. Bror (Norwegian)
  11. Bruder (German)
  12. Fratello (Italian)
  13. Frère (French)
  14. Hermano (Spanish)
  15. Kuya (Filipino)

How To Choose The Perfect Nickname For A Brother

It’s worth remembering there is no right or wrong nickname for a brother, and it’s often best to go with what feels natural and fits the brother’s personality.

Some other things to consider when choosing a nickname for your sister include:

  1. The best nicknames tend to have a link to something like looks, personality, background, age or have some other story or reason behind it.
  2. If you are struggling for ideas, try thinking about the brother’s unique traits, characteristics, likes and dislikes.
  3. If you are going for a funny nickname, you might want to consider striking the right balance between funny, rude and offensive.
  4. If you can’t decide between a few nicknames, there’s no reason why you have to limit yourself to just the one!
  5. And finally, have fun and don’t stress too much about it, because a nickname is certainly not forever and can be easily replaced if outgrown.

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