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85 Beautiful Middle Names For Aurora

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If you have decided to call your daughter Aurora then congratulations on picking such a gorgeous name!

Chances are you agonized and deliberated over many possible names before deciding, and it’s certainly time well spent.

Now your daughter’s first name is sorted, it’s definitely worth spending a little extra time to select a good middle name for Aurora too.

To give you a little inspiration, we’ve created a list of 85 of the best, coolest and most unique names that go with Aurora.

Let’s jump straight in.

Middle Names For Aurora

  • Aurora Alba
  • Aurora Alexis
  • Aurora Alva
  • Aurora Amber
  • Aurora Amelia
  • Aurora Anna
  • Aurora Athena
  • Aurora Beatrice
  • Aurora Bonnie
  • Aurora Britney
  • Aurora Calypso
  • Aurora Camila
  • Aurora Carmen
  • Aurora Cecilia
  • Aurora Celine
  • Aurora Charis
  • Aurora Chelsea
  • Aurora Christina
  • Aurora Coral
  • Aurora Cressida
  • Aurora Daisy
  • Aurora Davina
  • Aurora Diamond
  • Aurora Diana
  • Aurora Dido
  • Aurora Echo
  • Aurora Ellen
  • Aurora Emerald
  • Aurora Emily
  • Aurora Esme
  • Aurora Faith
  • Aurora Georgina
  • Aurora Harmony
  • Aurora Helen
  • Aurora India
  • Aurora Isabella
  • Aurora Isla
  • Aurora Ivy
  • Aurora Jade
  • Aurora Jane
  • Aurora Jessica
  • Aurora Joy
  • Aurora June
  • Aurora Juniper
  • Aurora Katherine
  • Aurora Keisha
  • Aurora Kristen
  • Aurora Lauren
  • Aurora Lilac
  • Aurora Lucinda
  • Aurora Luna
  • Aurora Maddison
  • Aurora Magnolia
  • Aurora Margot
  • Aurora Mary
  • Aurora Melody
  • Aurora Mia
  • Aurora Octavia
  • Aurora Olivia
  • Aurora Paige
  • Aurora Phoenix
  • Aurora Priscilla
  • Aurora Regina
  • Aurora Ruby
  • Aurora Sadie
  • Aurora Saffron
  • Aurora Samantha
  • Aurora Savanna
  • Aurora Scarlet
  • Aurora Skye
  • Aurora Sophia
  • Aurora Stella
  • Aurora Stephanie
  • Aurora Summer
  • Aurora Tallulah
  • Aurora Tanya
  • Aurora Taylor
  • Aurora Unity
  • Aurora Utopia
  • Aurora Velvet
  • Aurora Venus
  • Aurora Verity
  • Aurora Vesper
  • Aurora Violet
  • Aurora Willow

What Is The Meaning Of The Name Aurora?

Aurora is predominantly an English, German and French name based on the Latin aurora, which means means “dawn.”

The name appears in Roman mythology as the goddess of the dawn, and was revived through Europe during the Renaissance.

If you’re not yet a fan of Disney movies, you’ll soon discover that the princess in Sleeping Beauty is called Aurora, which might partly explain why it’s consistently one of the 20-30 most popular girls’ names in the US.

Tips For Choosing A Good Middle Name For Aurora

The name Aurora has three syllables, which means that it pairs well with both longer and shorter middle names.

Here are a few tips to help you make your naming decision:

  • Take your time and don’t rush, because arriving at a good middle name can take some time.
  • A great way to start is by compiling a shortlist of your favorite names the go with Aurora.
  • Next, either alone or with the help of your partner, begin eliminating names based on whether there are others on the list that you both prefer (i.e. narrow down to only your absolute favorites).
  • Say Aurora and the potential middle name (and perhaps your last name) out loud to get a sense for how everything sounds together.
  • Quickly check the initials of the names don’t spell anything rude!
  • If you’re stuck, take a break for a few days and then try again, once your mind is a little more fresh.