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90 Posh Boy Names (Classy, Sophisticated & Upper Class)

Are you searching for a posh boy’s name? One that exudes class and sophistication?

Well you’ve come to the right place, because we have a list of 90 posh boy names that we think you’ll absolutely love.

Typically the names that are considered to be the most posh, upper class or high-class are those that are more classic compared to many of the modern or edgy names that have gained in popularity recently.

As you’ll see shortly, posh boy names are usually on the longer side and have a strong ring to them, almost sounding regal when they are said aloud.

That’s a point worth expanding on, because many of the names in our list are favored by royalty, aristocrats, and old-money families, which truly validates how posh they really are!

Without further ado, here are 90 posh names for you to browse and take inspiration from.

List of Posh Boy Names

  1. Adrian
  2. Alastair
  3. Alexander
  4. Andrew
  5. Anthony
  6. Archie
  7. Arthur
  8. Austin
  9. Barnabas
  10. Benjamin
  11. Bernard
  12. Bertie
  13. Cecil
  14. Charles
  15. Christian
  16. Crispin
  17. Daniel
  18. David
  19. Dominic
  20. Edgar
  21. Edward
  22. Edwin
  23. Felix
  24. Fergus
  25. Francis
  26. Fraser
  27. Frederick
  28. George
  29. Gilbert
  30. Giles
  31. Gregory
  32. Hamish
  33. Harold
  34. Harry
  35. Henry
  36. Hugh
  37. Hugo
  38. Jack
  39. Jacob
  40. James
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  41. Jerry
  42. Jonathan
  43. Justin
  44. Lachlan
  45. Laurence
  46. Leo
  47. Lloyd
  48. Louis
  49. Lucas
  50. Ludo
  51. Luke
  52. Magnus
  53. Martin
  54. Matthew
  55. Michael
  56. Miles
  57. Milton
  58. Montgomery
  59. Nicholas
  60. Oliver
  61. Orlando
  62. Oscar
  63. Owen
  64. Patrick
  65. Paul
  66. Percival
  67. Percy
  68. Peter
  69. Philip
  70. Piers
  71. Quentin
  72. Robert
  73. Robin
  74. Ross
  75. Rupert
  76. Ryan
  77. Samuel
  78. Sebastian
  79. Simon
  80. Stephen
  81. Stuart
  82. Terrence
  83. Theodore
  84. Thomas
  85. Tobias
  86. Vincent
  87. William
  88. Willoughby
  89. Winston
  90. Xavier
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Tips For Choosing A Posh Boy’s Name

  1. Keep in mind that some names are undoubtedly harder to pronounce than others. So think about whether a young child will be able to easily pronounce any of the names you are considering, or if there’s a good nickname or shorter version that your child may be known by. For example, although Sebastian may be hard to say, an abbreviated version such as “Seb” is much easier for a young child to pronounce.
  2. Tied to the point above, consider what impact a nickname may have if any. You might love the name David, but arguably “Dave” sounds much less posh.
  3. If it’s important to you or your family, you may wish to consider honoring a name that is already in the family, such as a dad, brother, uncle or grandfather.
  4. When you’ve found a name you like, say the potential first, middle, and surname together aloud several times to get a feel for how they all sound together.
  5. Remember to always have a quick check to make sure the initials of the names don’t spell anything rude – if they do you’ll be very glad you checked!
  6. If you feel like you are not making progress and can’t make a decision, it’s usually best to take a break for a few days and then revisit once your mind is hopefully fresher.
  7. Finally, remember there’s nothing to say that you have to choose your son’s name before they are born. So if you have several names on the shortlist, why not wait until you meet your baby, because actually seeing them in the flesh might help you decide on the name that suits them best.

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