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Diaper Bag Essentials For Dad: What You Really Need To Pack

Some dads are happy to share the same diaper bag as their wife, typically when it’s a fairly neutral looking bag and doesn’t contain any of mom’s personal items.

But if mom has an oversized, feminine-looking diaper bag that you’d prefer not to use, then you may be one of the many dads out there who wants his own separate place to store all those things you can’t leave home without.

But what should dad pack in his diaper bag?

Let’s find out by creating the ultimate diaper bag checklist for dads.

20 Diaper Bag Essentials For Dad

When it comes to deciding what to put in your baby’s diaper or nappy bag, it’s helpful to split the items into two lists: essentials and extras.

Even if you are only planning on leaving the house for a short period of time – perhaps to go grocery shopping – then there are certain things you absolutely must have in your bag so you can clean a dirty diaper.

Here are 10 essentials that all diaper bags should contain:

  1. Two or Three Diapers (enough for a change every 2 hours with one or two spares)
  2. Pack Of Baby Wipes (it’s wise to pack more than you think you’ll need if things get a little messy)
  3. Dirty Diaper Bags (if you forget these you’ll definitely regret it!)
  4. Diaper Rash Cream (mini tubes or tubs come in very handy here)
  5. Changing Pad (essential for changing your baby outdoors of on the floor)
  6. Change Of Clothes (in case of a poop blowout or a leaking diaper)
  7. Bottle Of Formula Milk Or Breast Milk (remember to keep it upright to prevent leakages)
  8. Food Or Snack For Your Child (depending on their age)
  9. One Or Two Bibs (if you’re planning on feeding your child then you’ll want to automatically add a bid or two)
  10. Hand Sanitizer

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Other Things To Pack

Depending on how long you will be out and about for, the size of your diaper bag and it’s features, you will also want to pack some other items, such as:

  1. Pacifier
  2. Blanket
  3. Sunscreen, Sunglasses & Hat
  4. First Aid Kit
  5. Toys
  6. Bottle Of Water For Dad
  7. Snacks For Dad
  8. Adult Pain Reliever For Dad
  9. Cell Phone Charger
  10. Other Tech (headphones, iPad, Kindle etc)

Final Word

There we have it, hopefully you now have a better idea of what you should pack in your diaper bag!

A good tip is to pack the essentials first, and then if there’s room pack as many extras as you think you may need.

Clearly this list isn’t extensive, so there may be some other items that make it into your bag as well depending on you and your child’s needs.

But whatever you do, remember to pack the essentials listed above!

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