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10 Genius Ways To Organize Toys In A Small Space

Toys, toys and more toys.

From gifts you may have received at your baby shower, to presents your child received on their birthday, at Christmas or from other special events, it doesn’t take much for your kid’s toys to completely take over your home.

Thankfully there are some elegant yet cheap storage solutions out there, which is probably music to your ears if you live in a small space and you’ve become overwhelmed at just how many toys are on display in your house right now.

10 Ideas For Organizing Toys In A Small Space

Do you have a small living room, a small kid’s bedroom, or are just generally struggling to store all your child’s toys in an organized and tidy way?

Like many parents we have faced this same issue ourselves, which led us to search far and wide for multiple solutions that could help de-clutter our home while still leaving our child’s toys easily accessible for playtime.

Here are ten of the best storage ideas to help inspire you.

1. Back of the Door

One of the most overlooked toy storage ideas for a small bedroom is likely to be the back of the door.

It’s usually a space that’s just sitting there empty, but there’s lots of potential storage real-estate at your disposal if you buy the right accessory.

But that I mean an over-the-door rack or shoe organizer, which are both designed to keep items in place without moving or falling, and without interfering with how the door opens or closes.

It’s easy to overlook this solution, but if space is currently at a premium in your house, then you might be pleasantly surprised by just how much you can actually fit in the back of a closet or bedroom door!

WERNNSAI Unicorn Over Door Hanging Organizer ($23.99, Amazon)

2. Pegboard

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard about pegboards until recently, but if you are looking for a cheap toy storage idea for a small space you’ll probably love the sound of these.

A pegboard is essentially a board with lots of small holes, from which you can hang pegs.

You attach it to your wall, put in the pegs and then either hang things directly off the pegs, or place things into trays and buckets that can then be hung off the peg.

They are great for hanging things like small buckets of toys, sports equipment, handbags, hats, backpacks and more.

KAYYUKI WH peg Board Combination Wall Organizer Kit,4 Pieces Pegboard and 11 Accessories Modular Hanging ($38.99, Amazon)

3. Under the Bed

An oldie but a goodie, which is why it also features in our article on the best ways to organize baby clothes if you don’t have a closet.

You might have already thought of this, but if not then the space underneath your child’s bed or crib can be a gold mine when it comes to storage, especially as it won’t cost you a cent!

You can either place things directly underneath the bed, or if you are worried about dust, put the items in a box first.

4. Book Case

If you don’t have a bookcase in your child’s nursery, then I’d recommend getting one asap, because they provide loads of cheap and flexible storage.

The flexible part shouldn’t be overlooked, because you can mix and match different cubes and sizes to fit your space perfectly.

As a safety precaution if you do decide to put a bookcase in your baby’s room, always make sure it’s securely attached to the wall to prevent it falling over and injuring your child.

Furinno 3-Tier Open Shelf Bookcase ($22, Amazon)

5. Storage Cubes

If you are someone who prefers a minimalist style and wants to hide your child’s toys and other accessories of sight, then you’ll love the concept of storage cubes.

Simply fill the cube with your kid’s toys, place it into one of the bookcase’s cubes and voila – a simple elegant way to organize toys in a playroom while still allowing for easy access!

What’s more, cubes like the ones below are inexpensive, which is why they featured in our post on the best ways to organize your child’s toys on a budget.

Amazon Basics Collapsible Fabric Storage Cube Organizer with Handles ($18, Amazon)

6. Furniture with Built-In Storage

Looking for a place to hide books, Lego or other kid’s toys in your small living room?

This is where the genius of furniture with in-built storage comes in.

Think about it, if you need a foot rest, stool or bench in your living room, doesn’t it make sense to get one with hidden storage to de-clutter your home?

In my daughter’s bedroom we have an arm chair with a lid that lifts up to reveal a storage well, and I can tell you it’s a great place to put soft toys, blankets and other similar items.

YOUDENOVA 30 inches Folding Storage Ottoman ($39.99, Amazon)

7. Wall Mounted Bookshelves

Another great way to maximize space in a small house it by making use of this vertical storage solution.

Wall mounted bookshelves not only look great, but you can also place them at whatever height you wish.

So if your child is old enough, why not place the shelves at their level, allowing them to grab their books for themselves when it’s time to choose stories before bedtime!

Of course this solution isn’t just limited to books, and can also be a good place to store toys, photographs or any other of your child’s accessories.

NATURE SUPPLIES Set of 3 White Nursery Room Shelves ($39.97, Amazon)

8. Baskets

No article on the best storage solutions for a small space would be complete without mentioning baskets.

I personally love baskets because they come in a range of different styles, shapes and materials, so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Woven and cotton baskets are personal favorites of mine, because both look good in almost any living room or playroom, and are much more aesthetically pleasing than plastic storage bins!

Baskets come in many different styles, from basic plastic to more decorate wicker, canvas or even solid wood.

Baskets are a fantastic DIY storage solution because they easily add texture, color and style to your baby’s room, and with so many options there’s bound to be something suitable for everyone’s budget!

CHI AN HOME Wicker Storage Cubes, Set of 4, 12×12 Storage Cube Bins ($59.99, Amazon)

9. Storage within Toys

Does your child have a large toy that includes its own storage?

It’s a strange question until you think about toys such as play kitchens and large doll houses, which both have a lot of precious space that you may not be fully utilizing.

For example, just think of all the things you could store away in the microwave, oven, cupboard and shelves in the play kitchen below!

white wooden kitchen cabinet with stainless steel cooking pot

10. Toy Rotation

Lastly, if you are really struggling to organize toys in a small space, then you might need to consider rotating your child’s toys from time to time.

I know this one well because it’s something I’ve had to do in the past, and it can feel like a frustrating solution.

But rotating toys in and out of storage (for example your attic) can be an excellent way to free up space in your living room, playroom or other rooms in your house.

You might feel bad about putting some of your child’s toys away for a while, but just think of their positive reaction and excitement when you bring out a box full of toys they had forgotten about!

Final Word

So there we have it, 10 creative ways to store toys when space is limited.

Whether you opt for a pegboard, baskets, furniture with built-in storage, toy rotation or any combination of the above, I hope the ideas above help you overcome your storage challenges in an easy and elegant way!

Tori is mama to 3 year old Isabella and co-founder of Rockinbaby. She has a BSc in Psychology, is a certified yoga teacher and is a working mom. In her free time Tori loves cooking delicious foods and baked treats, entertaining and working out. Learn more about Tori here.

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