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Do Strollers Expire? (With Tips For Buying A Used Stroller)

Some of the things you buy for your baby are more useful than others.

But for almost all parents, a stroller is a vital piece of equipment that you really cannot live without.

So perhaps you have a favorite in your attic that you’d like to use for your second or third child?

Or maybe you’re looking to save a little money by purchasing a second-hand stroller?

In both cases, you’ll be wondering whether or not strollers expire.

The good news is strollers do not expire and do not have a best-before date, so provided you use common sense and do your research, it’s safe to use or buy an old stroller.

Do Strollers Expire?

Baby strollers do not have official expiration dates.

This means that as long as it’s in good working condition and does not have any significant damage (beyond scratches or the odd knock), it can safely be used regardless of its age.

If you are planning to buy or use an old stroller, it is important however to carry out an inspection and to do your research beforehand (more on this later).

Why Don’t Strollers Expire?

Strollers are made from very durable materials such as metal, rubber and hard-wearing fabric.

These materials can take a large amount of wear and tear before they become truly unusable.

So even if a stroller has some scratches, minor dents, rusting and the odd rip to the fabric, the overall integrity of the stroller is unlikely to be compromised (unlike car seat bases or car seats, both of which shouldn’t be used beyond their useful life).

Expiry dates are in place to protect the public from harm.

So the fact that strollers don’t have an expiry date indicates that using an old stroller does not pose a safety concern, provided you make a common sense judgement regarding its overall condition.

How Long Do Strollers Last?

As a general rule, the more often you use a stroller, the shorter its life span is likely to be.

The amount of use, weather conditions, and ongoing upkeep will all have a bearing on how long a stroller lasts.

This means it’s difficult to say how long one should last because usage can vary dramatically between owners.

In addition, the type of stroller is also an important factor in determining how long it lasts.

For example, a solid, heavy-duty stroller that has a removable bassinet and a large base / large wheels is likely to be able to withstand more wear and tear than a lightweight, foldable one.

So a stroller (or pram / buggy) can last anywhere from a couple of years to 6+ years depending on its usage, type and upkeep.

Is It OK To Buy A Second Hand Stroller?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to buy a second hand stroller.

For many parents, the cost of buying a bassinet, crib, clothing and accessories such as baby carriers and white noise machines, not to mention formula, can quickly add up.

So buying a used stroller can be a sensible way to save money, without compromising your baby’s safety.

Tips For Buying A Used Stroller

  • Check whether the model you’re interested in has had any recalls.
  • Read any online reviews that may be available.
  • Check the brakes and wheel locks work well.
  • Check the wheels are stable and don’t wobble.
  • Check the safety straps are in good working condition and the seat is comfortable for your child to sit in.
  • Check the folding mechanism works.
  • Make sure fits in your car when folded up.
  • Consider the size when folded and whether it is small enough to fit in the cabin if you’re planning to use it when flying with your baby.
  • Confirm the seller’s policy on returns.

Stroller Age Limit

Much like a high chair, there are no official guidelines regarding when to stop using a stroller, so the ultimate decision will come down to you.

Many parents like to transition their baby away from one at the age of 3, because at this age your baby should be walking or running and will have more energy to be able to stay on their feet for longer periods.

What To Do With Old Strollers

Sell (Or Give It Away) Online

Online or local marketplaces or yard / garage sales can be a useful way to get rid of a stroller you no longer need.

The good thing about online marketplaces is that you can specify the buyer collects from you, so the whole experience can be very easy if you wish.

If you’re not looking to make any money from your unwanted item, and it’s still in decent condition, then you may want to donate it to a local charity or shelter.

Give It To A Friend

From close friends to a “friend of a friend”, there is a good chance that someone in your network needs or will soon be needing a stroller, so why not let it be known that you’ve got one looking for a new home.

Recycle It

If your stroller is not in a sellable or donatable condition then you may want to dispose of it.

This can be done at your local recycling center, which you should be able to easily find online.

Final Word

  • Strollers do not have an expiry date, so there is no official time limit regarding their use.
  • There is no simple answer as to how long one will last, as it largely depends on the usage and overall care it’s given.
  • When buying a used stroller, check the conditions of the tires, brakes, seat, and safety straps, and make sure the products haven’t faced a recall.
  • Most parents like to stop using a stroller when their baby is around 3 years of age.
  • If you no longer need yours, some of the ways to get rid of it include selling it online or in person, donating it to charity or taking it to your local recycling center.

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