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50+ Best Baby Shower Cake Messages (Boy, Girl, Funny, Cute)

Something most moms-to-be really look forward to while pregnant is their baby shower, as it’s a beautiful way to celebrate your impending arrival with friends and family.

And what does every party need?

Well as a keen baker myself I might be biased, but the answer has to be a cake of course!

Given how special baby showers are, it can be a lovely idea to include an awesome message or quote on the cake, especially as mom will surely appreciate this touch.

But what should you actually say on a baby shower cake?

It it better for the message to be funny, cute or serious, and what about if you want to tailor it to a boy, girl or even twins?

Let’s find out.

What To Say On A Baby Shower Cake?

There are no hard and fast rules as to what message you should put on a baby shower cake, so it’s often up to the person who plans the event to decide.

Some things you might want to consider are:

  • Will the mom-to-be prefer something traditional, or would a funny message be more appropriate.
  • If you know the gender, do you want to tailor the message for a boy or girl, or would it be better to go with a general message that isn’t gender-specific?
  • How much space do you have to work with, which might be directly linked to how many people are going to the event. If you have only a small amount of room to play with, then you might have to choose one of the shorter messages below.

Baby Shower Cake Quotes (For Either Gender)

To start off with, here are some cute things you can write on the cake.

These can be great for boys and girls, but are also ideal when the gender is unknown.

  • Welcome Baby
  • Cute As A Button
  • Congratulations
  • Oh Baby!
  • It’s A Boy…Or A girl!
  • Welcome To The World
  • Welcome Baby (insert surname)
  • A Baby To Love, From Heaven Above
  • A Star Is Born, Congratulations!
  • Adventure Awaits
  • We Love You Baby
  • Peek A Boo
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Let The Adventure Begin
  • Welcome Little Angel
  • For The Mommy To Be, And Her Sweet Pea

Baby Shower Cake Messages For A Boy

If mom is having a boy, here are some lovely messages you can go with.

  • It’s A Boy
  • It’s A Baby Boy!
  • Welcome Little Prince
  • Little Man On The Way
  • Welcome To The Family Little Man
  • Oh Joy, It’s A Boy
  • Oh Boy!
  • Showers Of Joy, It’s A Boy!

Baby Shower Cake Messages For A Girl

Does mom know she’s having a girl?

If so, here are some gorgeous quotes you could include when decorating the baby shower cake:

  • It’s A Baby Girl!
  • Welcome Little Princess
  • Princess On The Way
  • From heaven above, a baby girl for you to love
  • Little Lady Incoming
  • Diva On The Way
  • Welcome Mini Me
  • Strong Like Momma
  • Girl Power!

Baby Shower Cake Messages For Twins

If mom has more than one bun in the oven, take inspiration from these messages:

  • Double Trouble
  • Here Goes!
  • Twice The Fun
  • Double Blessing
  • The More The Merrier
  • Two Peas In A Pod
  • Buy One, Get One Free
  • Two For One
  • One Two, Buckle My Shoe

Funny Baby Shower Cake Messages

Last but by no means least, if you’re after something with a bit more humor, here are some options that are bound to put a smile on mom’s face!

  • It’s Almost Time
  • Baby Incoming
  • Keep Calm And Carry On
  • Tick Tock, Ready To Pop
  • Little Bundle of Joy Incoming
  • Hello Baby, Goodbye Sleep
  • Yummy Yummy There’s A Baby In Your Tummy
  • Congratulations Hot Momma
  • Ready Or Not, Here It Comes!
  • Diva On The Way
  • Here We Go!
  • Next Stop: Parenthood


Whatever message you decide to go for, remember it’s best to make your decision on what you think suits the theme and overall style of the baby shower, and above all what you think mom will love best!

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