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What To Wear To Your Baby Shower: Outfit Ideas & Tips

Baby showers are a wonderful wat to celebrate your new arrival with your closest friends and family.

If you will soon be throwing your own baby shower or are being hosted one, then one thing that’s no doubt on your mind is what to wear to your own baby shower.

It’s a pretty important question after all, because this day is about you and your baby, so as the guest of honor you’ll of course want to look fabulous!

Your baby shower is the time to show off that beautiful bump of yours in style, ideally while looking both gorgeous and comfortable at the same time.

So to help inspire you let’s check out some cute baby shower outfit ideas, as well as some tried and tested style tips.

Let’s dive right in.

What To Wear To My Baby Shower

I remember vividly the thinking and questions that go behind choosing a baby shower outfit that I went through during the lead up to my celebration.

Should it be casual or formal?

Do I want to show off my baby bump or not?

Can you wear jeans to a baby shower? And what about colors, such as black, white, blue or pink?

The truth is you should wear whatever you find most comfortable and stylish, and not worry too much about following rules, because this is your day.

Are you more comfortable in dresses than pants? Great, in that case reach for a long maxi dress.

Are you usually more of a pants type of gal? Then embrace that and opt for jeans.

Do you prefer dark colors such as black over bright patterns. Go for it.

Want to wear pink even though you’re having a boy? Again, go right ahead because this is you get to set the rules!

However, irrespective of your exact outfit choice it can be helpful to look at some style tips that apply across the board.

5 Baby Shower Style Tips

1. Embrace Your Bump

Unless you are trying to hide your bump for whatever reason (in which case you probably won’t be having a baby shower), this is the time to proudly show off your gorgeous baby bump.

Everyone in attendance knows you are expecting, so make the most of it and proudly show your loved ones that ever growing bump of yours.

2. Comfortable Shoes

For many of us, dressing up often means completing our outfit with a pair heels.

This default option probably isn’t wise, particularly as comfort is the name of the game during the latter stages of pregnancy.

Flat shoes can look cute and stylish too, so don’t feel as though your style will go out of the window just because you’re not wearing a pair of stilettos.

You might also want to avoid any pairs of footwear you haven’t worn before, because the last thing you’ll want is to be wearing new shoes that are uncomfortable during the breaking-in period.

3. Choose Your Fabric Wisely

Next up it’s time to consider fabrics.

Materials and clothes that don’t stretch much, or worse still feel tight, are definitely worth avoiding.

Lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen are a great choice, and if you’re worried about getting cold, you can always add layers if necessary.

Women's Clothing Hanging On A Clothes Rail

4. Layer Up

That brings us nicely to our fourth tip, which is to use layering as your friend.

Even if your baby shower is in winter (see below), it’s still advisable to avoid heavy fabrics in favor of lighter and more breathable materials that you can add additional layers to such as a cardigan or pair of leggings.

5. Don’t Neglect What’s Underneath

And finally, it’s worth considering what won’t be on show too, by which I mean your underwear.

So refrain from thinking about those undergarments as a mere afterthought, and instead opt for maternity underwear that is both comfortable and supportive.

Popular Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

I mentioned above that what you decide to wear at your baby shower is completely down to you, and I 100% stand by that.

However, if you are looking for inspiration it can be helpful to consider what other moms to be wear during their celebration.

Here are 3 outfit ideas that will hold you in good stead:

1. Maxi Dress

A dress, or more specifically a long flowing maxi dress, is a fantastic choice for a pregnant woman to wear at her baby shower because they are chic, stylish and available in multiple styles.

Whether your prefer floral prints or solid colors, loose fitting and floating or something slightly more fitted, sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve…you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding something you love.

Pregnant woman wearing a Maxi dress

2. Short Maternity Dress

Maternity dresses don’t necessarily have to be long, so if you prefer dresses that are knee length then why not go for a midi or mini dress instead?

A short maternity dress is a great option if you are having a summer baby shower like I did, and can be dressed up or down depending on your footwear and accessories.

In the warmer months floral patterns and colorful designs are a lovely and appropriate option, but as we mentioned above there are no rules, so if you prefer muted colors don’t let anyone stop you.

3. Maternity Pants & Top

Some women are more comfortable in pants, and there’s no rule against wearing jeans or pants to a baby shower if you want to.

Maternity jeans or colored pants pair beautifully with a maternity top, particularly with a nice maternity blouse or a ruffled or frilly top.

What To Wear To A Baby Shower In Winter

If your baby shower is in the colder months, such as fall, winter or early spring, then the good news is that many of the tips and outfit ideas above are still valid.

Unless your celebration is going to be outdoors, you’ll probably find that most of the day you’ll be indoors in the warmth, so a dress for example can still form the basis of your outfit.

Adding other items such as a cardigan, jacket or coat works well, because you can remove these if you get too warm.

Similarly, if the weather is too cold for bare legs, but you have your heart set on wearing that gorgeous dress in your closet then you can still do so, simply by pairing it with some smart leggings or stockings underneath.

Pants are of course a great option when dressing for a baby shower in winter, because they will keep you warm and comfortable while still looking stylish, which is a real win all round!

And when it comes to footwear, you might want to go for a pair of cool sneakers, stylish boots or other closed-toe shoes to keep you warm.


I hope you’ve found this post on what to wear to your baby shower helpful and you’ve come away with some outfit ideas and inspiration.

Always remember that this day is about you and your baby, and you given most baby showers are thrown in the latter stages of pregnancy, you’re probably going to be quite far along and will value comfort above all else.

Once again, as the mom-to-be you should wear whatever you find stylish and comfortable, so you can focus your attention on other things like enjoying that tasty cake, opening presents, revelling in the diaper raffle and everything else that comes with a great baby shower!

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