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What Is A Diaper Raffle? How To Host The Perfect Diaper Raffle

Have you heard the term diaper raffle and are unsure what it means?

Or perhaps you’ve decided to do a diaper raffle, but aren’t sure about the ins and outs of wording, prizes, rules and tickets?

A diaper raffle is a game that is often played at a baby shower, diaper party, baby sprinkle or gender-reveal party.

These games are fun, easy to play and a fantastic way to acquire lots of useful diapers before your baby is born.

So in this article we’ve broken down everything you need to know about hosting the perfect raffle in more detail.

What Is A Diaper Raffle?

A diaper raffle is a fun game or activity which that your guests can play at a baby shower.

There are two parts to every raffle – tickets and prizes.

Guests get one ticket for every one pack of diapers that they bring to the party, and each ticket is an entry into a prize-draw.

During the party, all the tickets go into a container, and at some point during the event the winning ticket is drawn, and the winner gets the prize (more on this shortly).

Why Throw A Diaper Raffle?

Some of the benefits of having a diaper raffle include:

  • You will receive something that you know you will use, especially as you can exchange diapers at big retailers, if you end up with too many of the same size.
  • Guests don’t have to struggle thinking about what to buy and what you may find useful.
  • Helps mom and dad save money on expensive diapers, which comes in handy given you may need to purchase expensive items like a bassinet, crib, baby monitor, stroller and high chair for your baby.
  • A fun activity – who doesn’t love the chance to win a prize!
  • You will probably get a range of brands, sizes and types, allowing you to find a brand that works best for your little.

How To Do A Diaper Raffle

1. Send Out The Invitation

There are several different ways to announce the raffle to your guests, and diaper raffle wording will come down to personal preference.

Some people like cute rhymes and poems, while others prefer getting straight to the point for their diaper raffle wording.

What’s important is that your guests understand that you’re throwing a diaper raffle, and what they should bring.

An good example of diaper raffle wording is:

“Bring a pack of diapers (any size) for a chance to win a prize!”

“Each pack of diapers equals one raffle ticket. The more diaper packages you bring, the more diaper raffle tickets you get.”

You might also want to give an example of the type of prize, which should encourage people to enter once they know how great the prize is likely to be.

2. Think About & Purchase The Prize

To give you some inspiration, we’ve listed some examples of diaper prizes below.

Some of the things you’ll need to decide are:

  • Do you want to award one grand prize, or some minor prizes as well?
  • Are there both men and women attending? If so you may want to choose a prize that both sexes will like.
  • Think about what your particular guests would like to win, and what would encourage them to enter.
  • Remember that often the best prizes are often both useful and memorable.

Pink and Teal Heart Box

3. Exchange Diapers For Tickets

As we’ve mentioned, every pack of diapers equals one ticket.

So you will need to give your guests the correct number of tickets that corresponds to how many packs they have brought to the party, and write the guest’s name on the ticket so you know who the winner is when the winning ticket is drawn.

4. Set Up A Diaper Raffle Table

It’s a good idea to have a set area (a table works well) where guests can leave the diapers as they arrive.

A typical diaper raffle table usually includes:

  • A jar, bowl or other container to put the tickets in – if you want to really impress your guests, why not go for a diaper raffle box like the example below, which also comes with tickets as well!
  • Raffle tickets. Many hosts find that it’s easier if they ask guests to fill in their own details and entry information on each ticket.
  • A diaper raffle sign, which is often placed in a frame. This has details on what the raffle is about and how to enter.
  • Decorations.
  • The prize or prizes, so people can see them up close and in person.

5. Prize Drawing

Once everyone has entered, it’s time to draw the winning ticket or tickets.

As mentioned you can have several winners – for example a grand prize, a runner up and 3rd place.

One helpful tip is to not wait until near the end of the baby shower to announce the winner, because some guests may have to leave early.

Diaper Raffle Rules

The rules of a diaper raffle are very easy, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a fun activity.

Typically the rules are as follows:

  • One pack of diapers equals one raffle ticket, although if you wish you could also state to guests that one pack of wipes also equals one raffle ticket.
  • Participants (or more specifically guests) can enter as many times as they want. So if someone brings 3 packs of diapers, then they receive 3 tickets.
  • All the tickets are placed in a jar or some other suitable container.
  • After everyone has entered and exchanged the diaper(s) for their ticket(s), it’s time to move on the prize drawing.
  • The mom-to-be picks a winning ticket out of the jar.
  • You can have more than one prize if you wish – so in addition to one grand prize, you could also have consolation and minor prizes as well.

Diaper Raffle Prizes

If you are struggling to think of what to give as a diaper raffle prize then don’t worry, as we’ve got a great list below to help give you some inspiration.

Some great examples of diaper raffle prizes include:

  • Food & Drink Gift Basket
  • BBQ Gift Basket
  • Movie Night Gift Basket
  • Chocolate Gift Basket
  • Cooking Gift Basket
  • Wine, Sparking Wine or Champagne
  • Beauty or Spa Gift Card
  • Gift Cards For Bowling, Cinema or Some Other Local Attraction
  • Gift Cards For Starbucks, Amazon or Some Other Retailer
  • Gift Card To The Restaurant Of Your Choice
  • Candle
  • Home Appliance (Popcorn Maker, Waffle Maker)


Do You Wrap Diapers For A Baby Shower Or Diaper Party?

A lot of guests who attend baby showers or diaper parties wonder if the diapers need to be wrapped.

There is no set etiquette, so it comes down to personal choice.

Many guests don’t bother wrapping the diapers, but some do, while others simply put a ribbon around the pack.

How Much To Spend On A Diaper Raffle Prize?

There is no set amount when it comes to how much you should spend on the prize.

You clearly want a prize that the winner will be excited to receive, and it should cost more than the amount they’ve spent on diapers (assuming they aren’t giving you dozens of packs)!

A good guideline could be $30-$50, but you can go higher depending on your guests and the value of the prize.

If you have a lot of entries, then as an example you may end up with $300 worth of diapers, in which case you’ll still be in a great position if you spend $80 on a prize or on several prizes.

How Many Raffle Prizes Should I Have?

You don’t necessarily have to stick to only one grand prize, because otherwise the prize giving may end up being very short.

Many women find that three is a good number, as if you have any more the raffle might become too big a part of the event.

How To Get Diapers In Multiple Sizes?

The best way to ensure you end up with diapers in multiple sizes is to state on the invitation that guests can purchase diapers in any size.

This should let guests know you have a preference for multiple sizes.

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