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10 Beautiful & Unique Baby Shower Venues

If you have been asked to plan a baby shower, or indeed if you’re planning your own celebration, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is the venue.

Your choice of venue is hugely important because not only will it directly impact your budget, it will also shape the atmosphere, vibe, dress code and overall enjoyment that mom and guests will have from the experience.

Talk about pressure to get it right!

Choosing the perfect place to host a baby shower might seem challenging, but as someone who has hosted several baby showers over the years, I am here to help out and share my experience with you.

So sit back and enjoy this list that I’ve put together with gorgeous baby shower venues that will fit your needs – from elegant and refined locations to more low key and informal ones.

Who Normally Plans & Pays For A Baby Shower?

Traditionally, baby shower are planned and hosted by one of mom’s close friends or a distant relative, but not a close relative.

Why not a close relative you ask?

The answer isn’t entirely clear, but many believe it is to avoid the immediate family or mom-to-be looking like they are throwing a party just to get some nice gifts for the parents or unborn baby!

What Happens At A Baby Shower?

Baby showers are a beautiful way for friends and family to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a baby.

The guestlist of a baby shower tends to be exclusively female (unlike diaper parties, which are the male equivalent).

The entertainment and activities that occur during a baby shower vary depending on what mom and the guests would enjoy most.

But typically some of the things you can expect include eating delicious food and drink, opening gifts (that’s one just for mom of course), playing games like the A-Z baby list game and taking part in a diaper raffle.

Women Having Orange Juice at a Baby Shower

When To Throw A Baby Shower?

More often than not a baby shower is thrown in the third trimester, usually around 4-6 weeks before mom’s due date.

This tends to be a good time, because it’s far along into the pregnancy, but not so late that the baby might make an early arrival to disrupt the plans.

Keep in mind that mom will almost be ready to pop by this stage, so factor that into any logistical or physical activities you may be planning.

Unique Baby Shower Venues

Whether you are planning a baby shower for 10 guests or more than 50, or if you’ve got $150 or $1500 to play with, there are no shortage of amazing baby shower venues out there if you’re willing to think outside the box.

Here are some of the best and most unique venues to consider – with something for everyone there should be at least one or two options in our list that mom will surely love!

Outdoor Baby Shower Venues

1. Rooftop Terrace

One of the coolest – not to mention the most unique – places to hold a baby is at a rooftop terrace.

These can range from cozy and informal to more glamorous and hip, so it’s one of those types of venue locations that could suit everyone.

Depending on the location and group size you’ll either be able to reserve the entire space or just one particular section.

But either way you’ll have a magical setting on your hands that typically includes gorgeous views, a beautiful atmosphere and of course good food and drink.

Group of ladies having fun on a roof terrace

2. Park

If you are on a budget but still want a beautiful and unique place to host a baby shower, why not consider a beautiful park in your city or neighborhood.

From grand parks to botanical gardens, there’s something magical about this type of setting on a spring, summer or even fall day.

Space won’t be an option, but you will need to have the weather on your side.

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3. The Beach

If you are lucky enough to live near the beach, they why not take advantage by throwing the baby shower at this location?

A beach might not be to every mom-to-be’s liking, but for those more laid back moms it could be the ideal choice, especially if you are planning on inviting younger guests or kids.

And just like a park, because it’s a public space you won’t have to pay for the venue, which will save a lot of money too.

4. Vineyard

One of the most unique baby shower locations for a group of women that appreciate a good wine must surely be a vineyard.

This outdoor venue is a little less weather dependant than the beach because of the surrounding buildings, which are usually event ready and capable of providing high quality food, amazing views and of course delicious drinks.

Indoor Baby Shower Venues

5. Restaurant

If you’re not looking to host a baby shower at someone’s home, or are wanting something a bit more special, then a restaurant is a wonderful option.

Perhaps not the most unique choice in our list – although still more uncommon than you’d think – restaurants make a lot of sense because of the space, range of establishments to choose from and the fact that someone else will do all the cooking, serving and tidying up!

Nicely decorated restaurant

6. Dessert Restaurant

This one is a fantastic and unique choice if you want to indulge a little.

A little treat now and again didn’t hurt anyone, so celebrate in style and give in to your sweet tooth by choosing a dessert restaurant or delicious chocolatier.

If you go for the latter, it’s worth asking if they have any classes they can offer to make the day even more special.

7. Tea Room

With cozy interiors, old-school decor and a range of options to suit differing budgets, another one of the more unusual baby shower venues out there is a tea room.

Some advantages to hosting the celebration in a tea room are the fact that you know the food and drink will probably be very good, and the overall experience should be very enjoyable and relaxing for a heavily pregnant lady.

8. Brewery

If mom is less of a wine drinker and more of a beer lover, she might appreciate her baby shower being hosted at a local brewery.

Although mom might not be able to drink alcohol, many breweries now offer pretty decent alcohol-free options, ensuring everyone has a drink to savor throughout the day.

When booking, it’s worth asking what sort of unique experiences they could offer your group to make the celebration even more memorable.

Stainless Steel Beer Dispenser

9. Friend or Relative’s House

If neither the host nor mom has the space, it’s worth thinking about whether someone else on the guestlist would be willing to let you host the event at their home or in their garden.

Assuming budget allows, they might be more willing to agree if you make it clear that an outside caterer will sort out all the food, leaving everyone free to enjoy the day!

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10. Spa

Everyday life is hard enough, let alone while having to grow a little human inside you.

So there aren’t many moms-to-be, let alone guests, who won’t appreciate a baby shower that is being hosted at a spa.

Facials, massages, body treatments…select a package that meets your needs and help spoil mom on her special day.

A word of caution though – be sure to check with the venue that any treatments you book are safe for pregnant women.

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