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Who To Invite To A Baby Shower? 3 People To Always Invite

Whether you are hosting a baby shower for your friend or have decided to organize your own celebration, you probably have one question on your mind right now: who makes the guest list for a baby shower?

Deciding who to invite to a baby shower is not easy, so in this article we will look at three different groups all moms-to-be will want to consider when finalizing their guest list.

Let’s jump straight in.

Who To Invite To A Baby Shower?

The guestlist of a baby shower is traditionally exclusively female (unlike diaper parties, which are the male equivalent).

Three groups that you should consider inviting include:

1. Close Family

As the saying goes, family comes first, and who better for mom-to-be to spend this celebratory day with than their closest family members.

When I have had the honor of hosting a baby shower and wasn’t sure who to invite, I immediately thought about sending invitations to the following relatives of the mom-to-be:

Of course this list is not exhaustive, so if you are hosting and inviting guests on behalf of mom-to-be, it’s a good idea to check with them which family members and friends (see below) that they’d like in attendance.

2. Close Friends

Next up is the close friends of the mom-to-be.

It can sometimes be tough to know how many friends to invite to a baby shower, and often the budget, location and desired intimacy of the event will influence the exact number.

Baby showers are typically quite small and intimate affairs, so there’s normally a preference for only inviting people that mom is close to.

Loose acquaintances, long-lost friends and anyone mom doesn’t know particularly well are usually therefore best left off the guest list.

If you are wondering if you should invite neighbors then you’re not alone, as it’s a common query among hosts and pregnant women.

The answer really depends on how close a relationship mom has with her neighbors, and if they are being invited out of obligation or whether they are genuine friends of the expecting mom.

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If mom exchanges the occasional hello and friendly conversation with her neighbor then she probably doesn’t know them well enough for them to warrant an invitation.

But if on the other hand the mom-to-be regularly hangs out with her neighbors and considers them to be true friends, then they should probably be considered for a place on the guest list.

The same also applies to co-workers, clients and anyone else from a work capacity.

If the mom-to-be has a close relationship with them, and one that’s not purely professional but also social, then yes, they probably should be considered for an invitation to the baby shower.

3. Anyone Important To Your Partner

Lastly, it’s important not to forget your partner and anybody who may be particularly important to them.

Yes, a baby shower is primarily a celebration the expectant mother and her imminent new arrival.

But mom and her husband or partner are in this together, so a lovely thoughtful gesture from the mom-to-be that hopefully won’t go unnoticed is to invite any family members that her partner is close to.

Examples of who to invite to a baby shower from the partner’s side might include:

Who Does Not Make The Guest List?

Hopefully this helps you answer the question who should I invite to my baby shower.

As we covered in a recent article, one tip or piece of advice that can really help is to think about who not to invite to a baby shower.

Trust me, this list is worth thinking about too!

Distant relatives, casual co-workers, long-lost friends, neighbors (see above) and anyone who will create drama are all best left off the guestlist.

This process of elimination can help whittle down the numbers to help you arrive at the perfect invitee list.

And remember, mom should never feel like she must invite anyone she doesn’t really want at her big celebration, especially if the event is a smaller, more intimate celebration.

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How Much Does A Baby Shower Cost?

The cost of a typical baby shower can vary significantly depending on the venue, number of guests, entertainment and food and drink options.

As there is no one-size fits all, baby showers can range from $150 for a simple event with a few snacks, decorations and no venue fee, to $1,200 or more if you need to hire a venue, splash out on nice food and have invited lots of people.

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What Happens At A Baby Shower?

Baby showers are traditionally thrown only for the first baby.

However, this rule or etiquette is less strict nowadays, with some moms throwing a “baby sprinkle” for their second or third child (sprinkles are a smaller celebration with fewer guests and fewer presents).

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Baby showers often include the following activities:

When To Have A Baby Shower?

You can throw this wonderful event at any time during your pregnancy, but typically they occur in the 3rd trimester, usually around 4-6 weeks before mom’s due date.

A lot of women find this is the ideal time because it’s far along into the pregnancy, but not so late that the baby might make an early arrival to disrupt the plans.

While the vast majority of baby showers are thrown during pregnancy, some women prefer to have their event after their baby is born, although this option is more unusual.

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